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The Pantheon’s leadership is an ever shifting affair.  New warlords rise and fall with each passing week.  Only a rare few manage to maintain their fortunes for any significant period of time.  Such beings are invariably Ultras of great personal power, and often possess uncommon political acumen as well.  The case of the warlord Thor is one of the first variety.

Thor first came to power approximately a decade ago, betraying and killing his chieftain in one of the interminable power struggles which roil the Pantheon in southeast Asia.  Seizing leadership he immediately attacked his former master’s allies, reasoning that they would never see it coming.  Once he’d attracted censure from every quarter, he transferred the small cadre of loyalists that he’d cultivated to the Union front.

Here he flourished for a time, leading mobs of Pantheon Ultras to assault Union positions, and returning alive time and again.  He displayed no particular tactical affinities, but his bravery and aggression endeared him to the ever changing swathes of cannon fodder which made up his command.

After Zeus took power and began to reorganize the Union front into a more formal affair Thor became something of a throwback, or outlier.  His tribal presence clashed with the Leadership Council’s desire to wrest the casualty rates back towards parity by adopting their enemy’s old world discipline.  Recognizing that he had, once again, worn out his welcome, Thor took ship to the Regime Front.

Here his lack of imagination and love for direct battle were not the impediments that they had proven to be against the Union.  He smashed Pantheon resources against the Fists, time and again.  Subtracter, Third Fist and Sixth Fist have all done battle with his forces, and handed him significant defeats.  Nonetheless, Thor remains one of the Pantheon’s frontline leaders in the battle against Prevailer’s Regime.


Thor’s pledged forces number 84 at last count.  62 of these are the Type 1 Ultras that the Pantheon are notorious for flinging into combat.  Blasters without Ultra toughness.  Brutes without a full set of the Ultra physical abilities, etc.

The remaining 22, including Thor himself, are all Type 2 Ultras, with a few close to being Type 3’s.  These are the core of Thor’s force, and the meaningful measure of his strength.  It is these inner circle Ultras that Thor looks to for victory, and what victories he has achieved has come about because of their combat abilities.


Thor is generally driven by an inferiority complex.  He strives always to prove his aggression, power and ability to succeed.  He cannot stand the notion that anyone is looking down on him, and strives with all his might to destroy those expressing such contempt.  He has a particular desire to show himself equal or superior to female Ultras, having been excluded from early Pantheon associations on the basis of his gender.


Thor will likely be killed by Subtracter or Prevailer in the near future.  He will continue to grind his pledged forces against the Regime’s Fists until they send a Type 3 against him, whereupon he will lose core forces retreating.  It is unlikely, but not impossible, that he will succeed in destroying Third Fist or killing Subtracter.  Either would prompt Prevailer to destroy him.  The most likely reason that Zeus sent him here was to pin down the Regime front for a few months, and to rid himself of a tactical liability.  It is likely that these goals will be achieved.

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  1. It seems implausible that a dossier like this wouldn’t describe his powers. If you don’t want to reveal that to us yet, maybe just put something to make it clear that the details are in the original document but aren’t available to us for some reason?

    1. The audience of this document are presumed to already know his powers. The Union has a bit of a tic about not equating people’s personalities with their powers.

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