Report on Prevailer

Something is wrong with Her.

I can’t prove it.  There is no one irrefutable piece of evidence.  I know it seems impossible, but I am asking you to trust me.

I have watched Her, and Her city, for my entire adult life.  I know its rhythms, the feel of it.  And I am telling you, it is a steed bereft of its rider, a hound whose master wastes away.

The Sniper Court sits vacant.  What of it?  It has done so before, you might reply.  But the Fists are also taking no concerted action.  Two of their number are overseas, and the remainder…defend?  Patrol?  First Fist is the only Fist to have undertaken offensive action within the past month, and they did so with no support.

She issues no commands.  Again, not unusual, but She has also not been seen in any of Her usual scavenging zones.  She might be getting Her candies and trinkets further afield, but my gut says it is not so.

I don’t think She has moved her activity beyond our sight, I think She is hiding in Her Lair.  Ministered by Her company, feted by Subtracter, I think She is in seclusion.  For whatever reason, I don’t think She has warped in two months.

Even after going out this far on a limb, I couldn’t possibly imagine what might be wrong with Her.  Depression?  Found religion?  Really good video game?  No man can say.

But it might be worth another shot.  I know that I have no say in whether the time is right to attempt to remove Her from the picture.  I know the Decimations are tragedies, the retributive raids calamities.  I know She has withstood every effort.  But something might, just might, be different, right now, for who knows how long.

Can we let this chance pass us by?  I hope whoever reads this gives serious consideration to taking action.  We may never get another chance like this.

5 thoughts on “Report on Prevailer

  1. There are three main possibilities here:

    1) They strike, and Prevailer is just so awesome that She dispatches a team of assassins alone without teleporting (Answerer can warn her they are coming and once they are close She can feel them). Possibly by resprting to dirty tricks like the oldest Ultra power of firing a lead bullet very fast… She will be just the “normal” kind of pissed from the attack

    2) They strike, and Prevailer is forced to teleport away to escape. She will be supernaturally pissed because the attack will have killed Her precious baby. She will teleport somewhere, kill 1 billion people for the kicks, destroy the Union, sink South America into the Sea, get a gun, kill Zeus from behind, kill or maim the rest of the Sunset Army, rape the survivors, adopt Psyche just so that she destroys the Union some more, probably kill her anyway before she gets to the Ultra gift machine, fuck Indulger againso she can get a new baby and then walk home to the US through the bottom of the sea or something like that to finish her pregnancy.

    3) They kill Prevailer and all hell breaks loose: the Fists start fighting for the control of the US, the Pantheon falls apart because without Prevailer, Zeus’s is not that necessary as a deterrent against a raid by Prevailer Herself.

  2. How likely is it that someone figures out She’s pregnant? There must be entire areas of scholarship dedicated to studying Prevailer. Everyone knows she remakes Her body everytime She teleports, so it is obvious that if she wants to deliver a baby, She can’t teleport.

    The implication in the other direction is not obvious though (if She hasn’t teleported in a while, She must be pregnant). But surely someone must think of it. And once you think of it, an attempt on Her life becomes a very dangerous gamble. It might fail AND force Her to kill Her unborn baby to escape. As I discuss above, this is not very smart…

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