Setting Description: The Strongboat

The Regime’s new flagship is, to put it kindly, an ugly, lurching scow.  Unpainted steel mingles with scavenged plastics, conjured rivets cross hastily patched gaps.  The ship is an aesthetic nightmare.

This is due, predominantly, to the haphazard and slapdash method of construction.  Adder and Copyer’s powers, used jointly, allow for the creation of essentially any kind of matter.  This permits the Strongboat to grow as needed, expanding every day like some manner of sea cancer.

The Strongboat’s power source is a nuclear furnace.  To call this unsafe would be to understate the case.  A scavenged device which reportedly used to power an American submarine provides all of the energy that the vessel could need.  Haunter’s shadows strive mightily to keep it two steps away from calamity.

The Strongboat a single gun, mounted on a turning surface near the first prow.  This gun is surprisingly vast for the vessel’s length, and is unofficially known as Peggy’s Cock.  Haunter’s experts have opined that firing it would pose a structural hazard to that section of the ship.

The Strongboat’s armor is difficult to measure.  The ship is, in truth, a series of smaller boats.   The Company Men, expanding it day by day, generally create watertight compartments, and then fuse those on.  Some are heavily armored, others much less so.  Under kinetic assault the most likely outcome is that the Strongboat would split apart, and some portions would sink.

Its travelling speed is slow, and growing slower.  Each day there is more mass, more drag.  The engines, never mighty to begin with, are taxed pushing this ungainly mass through the waves.

Its crew, however, makes up for all of the above.  With two Fists and a member of the Inner Circle on board the Strongboat is carrying some of the deadliest Ultras in the world.  They are considered more than sufficient to deal with any possible threats to the mission.

Except perhaps one another.