What’s next for me

I’m going to start up another story pretty soon, I’ll link it here or in another post when it shows up.  I’m furlonged while the coronavirus rages on, so hopefully I’ll be able to update briskly for a while.

I’m planning to use Royal Road to try and get some more exposure next time, just working on figuring out all the stuff that goes along with that.

Thanks for keeping tabs on me, I’ll let you know as soon as my next project is underway.

4 thoughts on “What’s next for me

  1. Good jog getting it finished, read part of it and enjoyed it a few years back, I’ll read it start to finish now. I look forward to your next thing.

  2. I enjoyed the heck out of this. Started just a couple weeks ago and that was remarkably good timing, finished just about when you did. Couldn’t stop reading, it was a remarkably good read for something you do as a side project. Not a huge fan of the ending, but that’s my issue, not really yours. The entirety was much more than the ending, and the entirety was really very good.

  3. What a great read. I started reading Worm 4 or 5 years ago, found the Parahumans Subreddit, and 2 or 3 years ago saw mention of this serial. Spent a while binging it to catch up (lots of late nights) and for a long period I was refreshing this multiple times a week waiting for updates. Stopped back in March when COVID stuff made life a bit more hectic, just came back and caught up on everything now.

    Just wanted to say thanks for writing such a great story – excited to see what comes next!

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