The Fifth Defiance is a web serial.  The story is concerned with a dystopian future where people with super powers reign unchallenged across a world reduced mostly to rubble.  I am going to post content updates on Wednesday evenings and supplementary updates on Sunday evenings.  Thank you for reading.

-Edit:  If you want to send me messages I can be reached at thefifthdefiance [at] gmail .  I also see comments, so you can just comment on a post and wordpress will ping me.

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  1. Hello Walter.
    I like this story very much.
    Are you available for hire?
    I need to hire a writer of super hero stories. How can I contact you?

    1. Hi Nick!

      Thanks a lot for the compliment, I’m always very happy to hear that someone is enjoying my work. There are a lot of days where nobody seems to be reading or commenting, so it is always awesome to see any kind of praise.

      I should warn you ahead of time that I probably don’t have time to sign up for another project, it is all I can do to keep TFD updating regularly. But if you’d like to contact me you can send an email to thefifthdefiance [at ] gmail DOT com .

      Thanks again!

    1. There are 5 main characters, so it continues for a while. Ultimately they meet one another and the narrative passes back and forth more.

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