Boxer Quest Begins

Unfortunately, Guilder Story didn’t work out for me. I may return to it one day, but the smart money is that it exploded on the launch pad. So it goes.

However, I’m not entirely idle! I’m working on a quest on SufficientVelocity now, entitled ‘Boxer Quest’. It follows the exploits of an Ogre Boxer in a time of great unrest in the multiverse, when the Big Bad Polity has betrayed its alliance with Hell.

Here is a link:

Boxer Quest Original | Sufficient Velocity

I know Regime Quest was a terrible idea, which basically killed the readership of TFD right as I got to the conclusion, but, well, I like running quests. I dunno. I find it fun.

I’m trying to learn the lessons of Regime Quest, make it more fun for readers/questers alike. I hope those who enjoyed TFD will give it a chance, but I totally get it if quests aren’t your thing.

Anyway, thanks again, so very much, for reading my work. Stay safe, keep your masks on!