KEM : Haunter


Ultrahuman Designation: Haunter

Birth Name: Jane (unknown last name)

Occupation: Troubleshooter for Prevailer’s Regime, not known to be a member of any Link

Appearance: Female, Caucasian, mid to late 60’s, mostly grey hair.  Slim build, no significant muscle tone or fat.  Generally wears clothes similar to ordinary citizens, no weapons.

Sigil: Wide brimmed, with a tie string under her chin.

Super strength:  Level 1, but has been observed fluctuating to 0.  Patriots eliminating this creature should allow for the possibility that it might rise to 2..

Super durability: None as such, but see powerset description.

Super speed: None.

History: The woman who would become Haunter remains unknown to analysts at this time.  It emerged from a Company facility in Shington after the 3rd Defiance.  It is therefore conjectured that the woman who would become Haunter was rounded up alongside the rest during one of Prevailer’s recruitment drives, and beat the odds to survive the Process.  This is far from definite, and some of the beast’s dialog makes it seem as though it is considerably older.

Since then the creature has served as one of the Regime’s Troubleshooters, focusing mainly on the South and West areas claimed by the regime.

Powerset: Haunter can create ghostly figures in the semblance of those who have died.  These figures appear to possess the memories and capabilities that the humans they mimic did in life.  These figures act to defend the creature or to further its aims, and it appears to be able to outfit them with simulacra of the possessions that its targets had in life.

It is unknown at this time what actions Haunter must take to add a citizen’s soul to its arsenal.  Likely candidates include touch (the creature mimics the human custom of shaking hands rather than demanding groveling homage like others of its ilk) or social interaction.  The previous briefing, which indicated that Haunter could only copy those it had killed has been disproven.

In addition to direct contributions to combat outcomes these facsimiles often attempt to interact socially with citizens, frequently acting as though they are the humans they resemble, and preying upon the loved ones desire for closure.   These projections are more fragile than humans, destroyed if they receive kinetic impact equivalent to a blow or strike.  Haunter has never been observed to recreate a projection which has been destroyed.  Semblances which are struck appear never to be profaned again.

When Haunter’s extermination has been attempted, the lethal projectiles have passed through its body as though it was fog, and one of the replicas have emerged.  It fell out of Haunter’s body and dissipated as though it had been struck rather than the Ultra.

Crimes against Humanity: Haunter confines itself to the duties its master sets it, and consequently has only killed those humans the Regime has demanded it kill.  Analysts do not believe it actively seeks opportunities to commit war crimes.

Kill Priority: Low

Kill Method:  Haunter does not demonstrate the typical Ultra augmented resilience, but its defensive mechanism of passing the attacks to its replicas may prove even more vexing to the unprepared Patriot. Analysts have speculated that it may have any number of captive souls, and therefore require any number of kinetic interventions before being eliminated.  Patriots are advised to construct a situation where the Ultra cannot alter its circumstances, and deliver lethal force continuously until extermination has been achieved.


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