History Report

Title: History of the Regime

Clearance: Whoever you want to show this to.  It is mostly common knowledge.

Compiler: Get off my ass.  You don’t need to know my name.


Prevailer founded the Regime on April 1st, 2113, allying with the ‘ultra villains’ that it was her duty to combat and seizing power by killing a majority of the American Federal Government’s elected officials.

The so called First Defiance occurred over the following months, as the human military strove in vain to oppose the tyrant.  This conflict revolutionized military understanding, as the world’s greatest human armed forces were unilaterally massacred by the physics-defying powers of the Ultras.

During this conflict, the nascent Regime committed a wide variety of war crimes, which saw the population plummet.  When all was said and done, Prevailer ascended not to reign over the most prosperous nation of the old world, but to batter and tyrannize its withered shell.

The Company revealed its perfidy at this time, announcing its whole hearted support of Prevailer and abandoning its overseas ventures.  This functioned as life support, keeping the Regime from the starvation and annihilation that most outsiders predicted.

Only a decade later, the Second Defiance broke out.  American Ultras had been Processed in record numbers beneath the Regime, and they turned against it en-masse.  The remnants of the military supported them, as did a large number of European ultras.

The Second Defiance has been the subject of much military analysis, and it is not this report’s role to retread that battered ground.  Suffice to say that Prevailer, Linker and Copyer’s powers proved decisive despite the numerical edge that the insurgents possessed.

In the wake of the Second Defiance the Regime expanded its ranks somewhat, conscripting Ultras it would once have disdained to use in its Fists and assigning them subordinate ranks instead.  The TroubleShooters, Defenders and similar organizations were formed at this time.  The Regime’s ultras rose in number from a few dozen to a few hundred.

It was two decades before the Third Defiance, about which there remains much confusion to this day.  The consensus is that Duncan Henz, a Union sympathizer, underwent the Process and survived, gaining Superspeed to a previously unheard of degree.  What is certain is that ‘Slasher’, as the entity in question has come to be known, took down a majority of the Regime in an hour, before falling to Prevailer in the battle of DC.

The Regime was in ruins, only about half of the Inner Circle and just one Fist remained to aid Prevailer.  She consolidated her power to the eastern seaboard, decimating her western territory in a series of brutal attacks.

It took another decade before the Regime was back on anything resembling its earlier footing, and it never quite made it.  This was the last time Prevailer kept a peace treaty with the newborn Union.  When Prevailer broke the treaty in 2157, it was to launch a brutal and unprovoked attack on Canada, seizing a stretch of its eastern coast which remains in Regime hands to this day.

The Fourth Defiance was mostly a Pantheon operation, with foreign Ultras attacking en masse and using scorched earth techniques.  It met with a notable lack of success, ascribable to a segment the populace actually rallying behind the Regime in the face of genocide, as well as the Pantheon’s general military inadequacy.

From that time to the present conflict with the Regime has simmered, with the Pantheon and Union launching occasional strikes.  The thinking appears to be that Prevailer must be kept entertained by battle, and if you don’t go to the Regime to fight it will come to you.  Within the Regime itself life has improved by the smallest margin, with Prevailer consenting to allow several subordinate human organizations to exist and bring back in some small measure the benefits of civilization.

It is the opinion of this source that things will rest like this for the remainder of my lifespan.  The people of the Regime are broken, and the majority of them have never known anything other than the chains they labor under. Neither the Union nor the Pantheon can take time away from their ongoing battle to attack the Regime, nor is it at all clear that they would prevail if they did.  There is unlikely to be a Fifth Defiance.

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