Regime Ultras

Zeus, the Ultras who compose Prevailer’s Regime and run America are not very numerous.  Here is the categories that they fall into.


The leader of the Regime is Peggy Martin, dictator and mass murderer.  It cannot be emphasized enough that she is the entire reason for the Regime’s existence.  She built it in the first place, and after the events of the Third Defiance she rebuilt it essentially alone.  The Regime exists to amplify and project her will, and she is its all-powerful trump card.

The Inner Circle:

These individuals are Prevailer’s personal henchman and generally occupy the ruins of Washington DC’s governing areas, the so-called Lair, alongside her.

Adder: Prevailer’s left hand man, in charge of running the Regime when she doesn’t care to.

Subtracter:  Prevailer’s right hand woman, leads the fists when fighting needs to be done and Prevailer doesn’t feel like it.

Snitcher: Prevailer’s entertainment, can observe through those he’s marked and share that observation with others, allows Prevailer to spy on her minions.

Linker: The power behind the Fist’s immunity to attrition, those ‘linked’ by her return to life each day if any of them have survived.

Torturer:  Trapped in a pit, projects a field which causes unendurable pain.  Prevailer dangles people into her pit if she needs to break them.

Copyer: Leader of the Company, as well as creator and controller of its rank and file.  Copyer makes soulless versions of people.

Answerer: Prevailer’s mascot or oracle of sorts.  Possesses divinatory powers, she’s possibly the only Ultra Prevailer is fond of.


‘Linked’ by the Inner Circle, these fighting units are comprised of some of the world’s most dangerous Ultras, and unless all 5 are killed they will return to full power the next day.
First Fist: (Averter, Alerter, Attacker, Pursuer, Remover)

The most feared of the fists, they are commonly deployed to massacre civilians wholesale, or to obliterate geographic regions.

Second Fist: (Deceiver, Refiner, Bomber, Destroyer, Choker)

This fist is predominantly deployed to lead the defense of Regime territories against Union attacks to the North and West.

Third Fist: (Leveller, Killer, Evolver, Blaster, Mover)

This fist is mostly used to attack military units and Ultra detachments of the Pantheon.

Fourth Fist: (deceased)

Thanks to your efforts and those of your brethren, this Fist has been destroyed.  No replacement has been created as of yet.

Fifth Fist: (Predictor, Slicer, Gardener, Pitcher, Tamer)

This fist is predominantly deployed to quell internal unrest and/or dissent.  They are also a backup to the second and third fists.  A notably subordinate group.

Sixth Fist: (Fader, Blinder, Twister, Charger, Consumer)

This fist is predominantly deployed against the Pantheon.  Notably averse to the Regime’s methods and aims, this is the most rebellious fist.

Non Military Ultras:


A small number of the Regime’s Ultras wander it constantly, sniffing out rebellion or subversion and taking care of these problems.  These Ultras report to Adder.


The Regime’s numerical support, when the fists need backup and Prevailer is busy with a new game or whatever.  Subtracter controls about a hundred Ultras formed into a number of squads.


Every city has an Ultra who is nominally in charge, responsible for keeping the city in line, and protecting it from enemy attacks.

Company Personnel:

A number of Ultras work directly for Copyer’s Company, and obey its instructions.  They are subordinate to other Regime personnel.

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