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The Union are a bunch of uppity fucks, and we should kill them.

Uh, more specifically, when people talk about ‘The Union’ they are talking about The European Human/Ultrahuman United Alliance.  It’s the top part of Eurasia, plus Canada.  When you and my mom fixed stuff in the United States, and set up your Regime, most of the world followed suit.  The Union is the descendants of the chumps that didn’t.

The Ultras in the Union aren’t officially in charge.  They are part of a Self Defense Force, and they have some kind of parallel state thing (Ultra Cops, Ultra Judges, etc), but they don’t actually tell the daggers what to do.  The leader of the humans is the official leader of the Union.

You know this, I bet, but you asked me to write up all the stuff I knew about the Union, so I’m trying to be more wrong by telling you stuff you know than leaving stuff out.

The Union still puts human soldiers in its attacks, and not just like our Knights who mostly just do shit work.  They really rely on their human grunts.  Their Ultras aren’t even automatically in charge.  Some officers are Ultras, others are daggers.  Whoever is best at figuring stuff out, I guess.  Its dumb.

Anyway, the Union as a country is still a lot like the old America that you fixed.  The cities are still powered, they still let the daggers go from place to place, they’ve got cars and good tech.  A lot of the time when dumb fuckers run away from the Regime they head north to try and get into the Union, because they want to be lied to and told they don’t suck.

The Union is always fighting with the Pantheon on the south.  The Pantheon has a lot more Ultras, because you let the Company help them out more, but the Union has stupid tricks and better and more human helpers, so they do good.  When I send the fists out to fight the Union they get more beat up and killed than when I send them to fight the Pantheon.

What worries me about the Union is that they have much better tech than us.  We don’t know how good exactly, because it is hard to get spies there when all the daggers hate us and like them, but I don’t think the shit they send when they attack us is their best stuff.  I think they’ve got strong things we haven’t seen yet.

When we catch them alive they kill themselves before we can get them to Torturer’s pit, so I haven’t been able to make one of them talk, but I bet that they have secret weapons.  Those wouldn’t work versus you, of course, but it would be a pain in the ass if we lost a fist or something when they decide to use them.

I don’t want to make this too long, so I’m done now.

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