KEM : Indulger


Ultrahuman Designation: Indulger

Birth Name: Dale Pitts

Occupation: No official occupation

Appearance: Male, mixed race, late 20’s to early 30’s.  Bulky and very muscular.  Typically wears little clothing, shorts or sweatpants. No weapons other than improvised clubs or other bashing implements.

Sigil: Mask, shaped to resemble a monster or serpent.

Super strength:  Level 2

Super durability: Level 1, and see powerset description

Super speed: None.


Dale Pitts underwent the Process during the last decade, in Shington.  Patriot belief is that the creature was not created as part of a recruiting drive.  It is rather the result of a foolish man throwing away his humanity in order to attain an Ultra’s might.

Indulger generally employs its power to repair buildings or other stone structures which have survived since the old war.  It exhibits little to no interest in its creations once they have been made, leaving them behind like a snake shedding its skin.


In addition to its Ultra strength and durability Indulger draws power from the ground.  It is constantly regenerating any and all wounds that it receives while it maintains contact with the earth.  This contact extends through stone structures, but according to the creature’s explanations, not through wood or other materials.

This Ultra healing is extremely potent.  Indulger has survived decapitation and even dissection.  The ground pushes its parts together and it heals swiftly back to its uninjured state.

It is considered likely, but far from certain, that the Ultra may even lose its strength and toughness if deprived of contact with the ground or stone which rests upon it.  This is unverified, and patriots should behave as though its powers will be available to it at any time.

Beyond gaining strength from the earth, Indulger has the ability to manipulate the ground to its will.  It can raise up hills, excavate deep trenches and call forth stone from the deep.  This ability is astonishingly wide ranging, affecting several miles around the creature.

Patriots are advised, Indulger’s power is entirely out of scale with its significance in Ultra society.  It is one of the most potent Ultras to hold no particular post.

Crimes against Humanity:
Indulger’s general hobbies include battling other Ultras in non lethal ‘matches’ at which humans are encouraged to spectate and place wagers, as well as the repair of old world structures.  Indulger has not yet been observed harming humans, other than those which attempted to eliminate it.

Kill Priority: Very low.  Given this creature’s exceptional power, and placid activity pattern, it is unlikely that attempting to eliminate it is the optimal course of action for any operatives.

Kill Method:  Indulger is, in general, defended by its first degree Ultra toughness.  The usual kinetic interventions (bombs, hundreds of high caliber gunshots) should prove effective.  However, all the work of the patriots will be undone if it manages to reach the ground.  In order to destroy Indulger it must be suspended or tricked onto a platform of some kind.  Once destroyed, it is unclear how long its remains must be kept off the ground.  Patriots are advised to solve this problem before attempting extermination.



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