KEM : Preventer


Ultrahuman Designation: Preventer

Birth Name: Rebeccah Roberts

Occupation: Regime coordinator

Appearance: Female, white, late 30’s, curly hair, glasses.  Extremely short.  Usual attire is formal old world men’s clothing.  Rarely, It has been observed wearing lab coats and other stereotypical scientist garb.  Some reports indicate that the Ultra ‘sparkles’ in dim lighting, but this is not confirmed.

Sigil: Decorative small bowler hat

Super strength:  None

Super durability: Level 3

Super speed: None.


Rebeccah Roberts was forcibly Processed after the Third Defiance as part of the frantic rush to replenish Regime numbers.  It made little impression in the days immediately following the war, only gradually coming to the attention of the public as one of the more proactive and monstrous of Prevailer’s minions.

Preventer apes at the scientific practices of the civilized world like a child putting on its parent’s work clothes.  It has gradually escalated it’s human experimentation over the years, and is currently one of the more despised Ultras in the Regime.


Preventer has third degree Ultra durability, and is consequently able to meddle in the lives of humans with impunity.  The creature cannot be harmed or meaningfully hindered by human efforts.

In addition, Preventer is able to emanate and direct blade like energy projections, which it forms into walls or hurls at foes.  It has been observed conjuring vast quantities of these shimmering projectiles.

These energy fields do not move swiftly, and its control over them is not absolute.  They can be dodged by an alert patriot, although it is important to keep an eye on them as the creature will likely bring them around for another pass.  The edges are sharp, although it is unknown whether they are able to harm Ultra durable enemies, but the flat sides have been stepped on and leaned against without visible harm by ordinary humans.

Preventer is notably reluctant to use its powers, and thus details are less complete than might be expected.  Patriots should be aware that it might possess other powers not listed herein.

Crimes against Humanity:
Preventer kidnaps and forces humans into its foul ‘experiments’ as a matter of course.  Over the years, hundreds of humans have lost their lives in the creature’s studies.  In addition, it has enthusiastically collaborated with the Knights in their terrorist activities.

Kill Priority: High.  Preventer’s death would be a unilateral good for the humans who endure the Regime.  Unfortunately, the creature’s Ultra durability renders such efforts useless.

Kill Method:   The only means by which Preventer could be killed would be for another Ultra, one possessing the ability to harm it, to destroy it.  Perhaps the most feasible route to its destruction would be to convince its masters in the Regime that it threatened their reign.  Prevailer is the only being known to have killed Ultras with such durability in the past.




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