Law in the Regime

Prevailer’s Regime, or the group of Ultras we refer to by that name, are avowedly anti-law.  Prevailer has delivered a number of rants about how a government of people, rather than one of laws, is the only proper or, occasionally, true form of government.  She vacillates between accusing other states of being in fact dictatorships akin to hers but hiding behind formalities and advocating that other states should adopt such setups.

You might think, therefore, that the Regime would have no legal system at all.  If the leaders hate the very concept, why have one?  Formally, that’s true.  But laws are mostly another a method of guaranteeing consistent behavior from power, and over time certain trends in the behavior of the leadership have become essentially an unwritten legal code.  It governs whose side an Ultra will usually come down on if they become involved in a dispute, or which side the Regime will come down on if the dispute is between Ultras.

The Regime’s de-facto legal system bears a resemblance to a variety of others worldwide, with the following exceptions as the largest points of divergence.

  1. Ultrahumans are nobility.

There is no mystery which side an Ultra, or the Regime at large, will take in any dispute.  It will be the side that another Ultra is on.  Human existence is assigned less value than an Ultra’s preference.

  1. Weakness is despised.

The Regime has what amounts to a barbarism fetish, and strives at all times to be seen as the most forceful, powerful and dynamic entity in any given relationship.  This trickles down to virtually all levels of its decision making process.  It admires strength, and will typically side with the strongest appearing or acting party in any given dispute.

  1. Religion is abolished.

Prevailer has formally banned all religions (or rather, threatened to kill any practitioners that she comes across).  Consequently, the Regime will nearly always go out of its way to destroy religious artifacts or harm believers that it becomes aware of.

Aside from these three exceptions, the Regime’s judgement will be that of whatever member of it has been assigned the task of forming one.  Therefore, if you ever find yourself attempting to persuade someone in Prevailer’s crew to take your side on an issue, you should represent yourself as an Ultra, and at all times adopt an active, even predatory, attitude.  (In particular, avoid the temptation to recite or bring up the other party’s transgression’s against you.)  Obviously it also behooves you to present yourself as an atheist.

Another distinction between the Regime’s laws and those of more civilized parts of the world, is that appeals are virtually nonexistent.  So long as you are nowhere near the center of Regime power the Boss that you make your case to first will also be the last to rule on the matter.

Since this Boss has undergone no particular training other than being fortunate enough to survive the Process, there is very little reason to expect that the judgements of the Regime in one city will resemble those it makes in the others.  Keep the three guidelines above in mind, and good fortune.

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    1. I really appreciate people who point out typos. Please let me know all the ones you find. Thanks for pointing out this one.

  1. Most of these interlude pages give at least some idea of what person and/or organization produced them. This one is unusually vague there; is that intentional?

    1. Yeah, this is pretty much just raw exposition. No real clue as to the author at this time.

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