Q&A: Essence Theory

Transcript: Dr. Chen, creator of Ultra theory, and his assistant are questioned by a reporter as they leave a talk show.

Reporter:  Dr. Chen, if your posit is correct, doesn’t it beg the question as to how physics, or science really, has functioned for all these years?

Dr. Chen: Not at all.  Think of the geocentrists, who believed that the sun circled the earth.  They could predict the movements of the stars, using a sort of increasingly convoluted set of spheres.  In order for heliocentrism to prevail it had to replicate all of the predictive power of the old understanding, as well as facilitate future discoveries.

Reporter: Then, in that vein, what wonders does Essence Theory unlock?  Why should it be adopted rather than the traditional model of reality?

Dr. Chen: Most immediately, Essence Theory explains the consistent failure to mechanically replicate thought.  The AI research which we’ve been conducting, on and off, for the past century, is mere cargo cult nonsense.  Once you see the brain not as a thought generator, but as a thought receiver, you can understand why these efforts must fail.  Even a perfectly replicated phone will receive no calls if it isn’t part of the network, so to speak.

Reporter: And these Ultrahumans, they are made possible by your theory?

Dr. Chen: Precisely!  Ms. Martin (my lab assistant) can lift a ton, and yet consumes the same calories as you or I.  This tremendous power, this ultra strength, appears in the same way that thought does for you and I.  It is a creation of the ‘soul’.  Just as your ‘soul’ gives you thought, hers gives her thought and strength.

Reporter: So then, you are able to modify the soul?

Dr Chen: No, I’m sorry, I didn’t intend to give that impression.

Ms. Martin: This guy bothering you doc?

Dr. Chen: It is fine, Peggy.  Look, think of it like reeling in a kite.  The string, or ‘soul’ if you will, is attached to the person, or rather, to the brain.  My Process ‘tightens’ the brain, pulling the string closer and wrapping it around.  I can’t touch the string itself.  But by modifying the person’s brain we reel it in.  The soul is closer, it can do more.  The Ultra power is this extra functionality.

Reporter: And this process is safe?

Dr. Chen:  Regrettably, no.  Sometimes, most of the time, the ‘string’ snaps.  We are left with a body with no soul connected.  A corpse.  But I’m certain that, given time, we can overcome thi-

Ms. Martin: You are upsetting the doc.

Reporter: Have there been any fatalities? Dr. Chen!? Are you continuing to create-

End of transcript.

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