KEM : Condemner


Ultrahuman Designation: Condemner

Birth Name: Nirav (unknown last name)

Occupation: Outlaw

Appearance: Male, Indian, age varies, dark straight hair.  Usually somewhat muscular.  Often wears lower status or occupation clothing. NOTE: This Ultra is not Regime, and does not typically identify itself as such.

Sigil: None

Super strength:  None

Super durability: None

Super speed: Level 1.


Nirav ‘Patel’ functioned as a member of a resistance movement against the Regime in upper New England for a long period of time.  When cornered by Regime forces the creature was compelled to reveal its Ultra nature.  It is not known at this time when the Process was carried out, nor what KEM information Condemner had access to before its unmasking.

Since then it has cropped up twice.  The first time it made itself look like a teenager and joined a gang in outer Ston.  Once again an outbreak of violence forced it to reveal its true form.  The second reported siting came from a group of patriots heading between cities when they came upon the creature destroying a bandit camp.


Condemner possess the ability to transform itself into a living wildfire.  Its human form vanishes entirely during this process. There is no flesh body controlling the fire when it is in this form.  It retains complete control of any portion of this fire still connected to the main mass.  Any portion which is no longer connected, however, reverts to an ordinary blaze.

Condemner’s flame form can grow to any size, merging with and seizing control of natural flames or simply spreading across combustible surfaces.  In addition, when it burns humans or Ultras the fire spreads far more rapidly than it ought to.  In conversation it has stated that it is using their souls for fuel, but this might simply be an intimidation tactic.

Beyond the obvious combat application of its change, there is also the fact that its body is recreated after each transition to consider.  Condemner’s wounds and ailments are not carried over when it recreates its body, and it has shown some ability to customize its form each time it forges it anew.

Finally, Condemner has Ultra speed of the first degree and this speed applies to both of its forms.

Crimes against Humanity:

Condemner has never initiated hostilities, preferring to allow others to make the first move and give it an excuse to exercise its mass murdering impulses.  After battle begins, however, Condemner takes no care to safeguard bystanders or its former allies, attempting to render all other combatants and witnesses to ash before assuming its flesh form once again.

Kill Priority: Medium.  Condemner has killed dozens, and if constantly active would certainly rate a high priority.  Since it has a long dormant cycle it currently rates only moderate attention.

Kill Method:   Condemner’s flesh form displays no particular resiliency.  A kinetic intervention to its brain would likely result in destruction.  However, due to its Ultra speed it might be able to attain flame form at the last moment.  A more thorough and certain extermination should entail the creation of an environment which would destroy either form of the creature, perhaps burying it beneath an avalanche or drowning it within a considerable body of water.



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