Beneath Her feet

It is an open secret, to any interested party with patience enough to put the pieces together, that the Regime maintains a clandestine facility separate and apart from the notorious Lair.

The source of this information is not any one particular leak, but a steady stream of information.  The Regime’s upper echelon isn’t so much infiltrated as it is subverted.  An estimated 50% of the organization’s more important members leak information covertly to resistance forces.  A plurality of their collected reports have mentioned an underground facility.

This facility’s location was not directly available, as Prevailer generally insists that individuals entering this area do so while unconscious, but from travel times and details of the facility’s apperance it is possible to deduce its position.  The surmise which best matches the evidence is that Prevailer maintains an Ultra holding facility in the old bunkers beneath Washington D.C.

These bunkers have old world life support systems, doubtless upgraded since Prevailer took over.  These were originally intended to keep the old government’s key leadership active and connected in the event of a nuclear exchange.  By all accounts, Prevailer has turned this refuge into a prison.

A number of the narratives describing this area have been passed to us by human survivors of the torturous survival games Prevailer forces her Ultras into.  She pits Ultras against a dozen people, or two dozen, arming them as she sees fit.  She pits them against one another, or kills them herself.

The primary purpose of the facility seems to be to house those Ultras that Prevailer considers too dangerous to roam loose, or too precious.  Answerer and Torturer, of her Inner Circle, are both reported to be present within the bunker.

A number of the Ultras that made up the Regime’s Fists appeared on the world’s scene as if from nowhere.  They were skilled combatants, despite no reports from the any cooperating members of the Pantheon ever having mentioned any clashes with them.  It is the current consensus that these Ultras are trained beneath Shington.  To stiffen them for actual battle, Prevailer seeds her Fists with the most brutal combatants of her private arena.

With the Fourth Fist due for recreation all resistance contacts are being urged to find out the details of this prison, and of its inmates.  When the new fist comes forth into the world, it is likely that its most savage and ferocious member will be a graduate of this secret training ground.  Such a being will likely compete with the most dangerous members of the existing Fists.

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