6th Fist

The Sixth Fist, the so-called “Shielding Fist” is a singular military unit, even among the assembly of oddballs and miscreants who populate the Regime’s military elite.

The Sixth Fist describes itself as serving the people of the Regime, rather than its leadership.  They devote themselves to protecting the Regime’s populace from outside threats.  They seem untroubled by the hypocrisy of battling external enemies while ignoring the threat posed by their superiors.

This unit undertakes primarily defensive operations, holding back the Pantheon’s attacks in the southwest portion of the Regime.  Their kill ratio is lower than the other Fists, but this must be understood in light of the fact that this is the only Fist with any probability of displaying mercy to a defeated enemy.  They have a lower Tally because they don’t kill unless they see no other choice, not because they are weaker than the others.

The Sixth Fist is the most recently formed Fist.  They were created as a compromise mediated by Adder between Fader and Prevailer.  The tyrant, confronted at last with an enemy that she could not kill, was resorting to the slaughter of hostages by the score.  Fader was unwilling to give her life for theirs, and things were escalating.  Ultimately, Fader agreed to serve Prevailer in some capacity rather than see the killing continue.  Prevailer’s ego was assuaged and an uneasy peace resumed.

Fader: Melissa Van Horten

Fader has the power to become insubstantial, transforming into an image, unaffected by the material world.  Even Prevailer was unable to harm her in this form.  She can selectively dematerialize portions of herself, and seems able to remain in image form indefinitely.

In the team Fader serves primarily as the Sixth Fist’s anchor.  No one can kill her, and thus the team is truly beyond death.  On rare occasions Fader may launch attacks, striking directly at foe’s internal organs by phasing her extremities back in within their forms, but she much prefers to remain at a distance and quarterback her team.

Blinder: Hallie Meyers

Blinder is one of the team’s powerhouses, an Ultra with control over light in all of its various forms.  Light heals her, she shoots lasers and she can create convincing illusions.  It is likely that she has additional light related powers that are unknown at this time.

This power has a wide range, allowing Blinder to engage her foes from a daunting distance.  She generally remains at range, firing on the enemy and using images to cause their return fire to miss.  Any damage that she suffers is quickly healed so long as she remains in bright areas, but nonetheless she is one of the units most frequent casualties.

Blinder is the twin sister of Alerter, in First Fist, but does not display the psychological abnormalities of the deviant.  She acts, to all intents and purposes, as a dutiful and loyal member of Sixth Fist.

Twister : Esther Llaine

Twister is a bruiser, always ready to mix it up with the enemy’s foremost combatants.  She has a strange body, long and stretched with cutting spines orbiting each extremity.  With Ultra strength one and Ultra toughness 2 she lacks the raw power of the bruisers in other Fists, but her enemies are generally blind, so she has had a lot of success so far.

Twister is also responsible for the team’s mobility, whenever they are forced to operate without mechanized assistance.  She can carry the rest of the group in her form, and make decent time across most any landscape (approx 30 mph).

Twister is the most outwardly kind and selfless of the group, behaving more like one of the old world’s Ultra Heroes than the Regime killer that she really is.  While Fader directs the team to protect the Regime’s citizens, it is Twister who seems to actually care about them.  Ironic that the most monstrous form should conceal the most human heart.

Charger : Ted Presser

Charger is a large man, bulky and powerful.  He has Ultra strength and durability one, but once he gets going these both increase as long as he continues in a straight line.  He is a mighty projectile, capable of decimating anything that can’t get out of his way.

Charger, in general, functions as a sort of environmental hazard to the Fist’s foes, charging through the battlefield and only slowing down when safely away.  This protects him from harm and forces the enemy to remain constantly alert.  Blinder’s illusions and concealment means that fewer Ultras than you think are able to avoid him.  Most of the Fists Tally is ultimately down to Charger catching someone off guard and tackling right through them.

Charger displays the mental instability typical of male Ultras, in his case manifesting as an extreme temper.  When provoked he invariably snaps.  During the time that his temper is under control, however, he generally seems to be a fearful and careful man, quiet and retiring.

Consumer : Jill Hill

Consumer gets her name from the energy draining rays that she shoots from her hands.  These pale gray beams steal the Ultra powers from her targets, and bestow them upon Jill.  The transfer doesn’t last very long, a few minutes at most, and the victim can speed this up by putting distance between them.  Nonetheless, this is a potent weapon in Sixth Fist’s arsental.

Consumer, like Blinder, is only human in durability, and has to be protected on the battlefield.  She is another of Sixth Fist’s most common losses.  She generally occupies whatever refuge Blinder has taken, and joins in the long range battle.

Jill Hill is definitely the odd member out in Sixth Fist, a Regime loyalist of sorts placed inside their ranks at Prevailers insistence to make sure that the Fist is not planning on rebelling.  She is cruel and mercurial to those in her power, whenever she can get away wit hit.  She is not close with the rest of the team, who are aware that she is their leash.

If Prevailer is ever destroyed, it would be beneficial to reach out to the Sixth Fist.  They have done the best that they can with an impossible circumstance, and have much to contribute.

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