5th Fist

Prevailer’s Fifth Fist, her “Trapper Fist” is generally employed in a reserve capacity.  That is to say, this unit has no overarching assignment, no habitual pattern of action.  They cross the Regime from one side to the other, as Predictor’s visions bid them.  Prevailer gives them broad latitude to adjust matters in her favor in whatever manner they see fit.  They function, broadly speaking, as a more powerful version of the notorious Troubleshooters.

This is possible due to their leaders rumored ability to perceive the course of future events.  This “Predictor” has given every sign of having genuine precognitive abilities, and utilizes this power to give his team a series of one sided victories that even First Fist can’t match.  The Trapper Fist wins before the battles even begin, peeking at the script in order to trump every enemies battle plan before it can ever be implemented.

The Fifth Fist’s history is difficult to discover.  There are signs that it is as old as the Second, though that would make little sense.  Predictor practices a thorough counter intel discipline, and any information that leaks out must be met with a determined scrutiny, as it may well have been deliberately leaked.

What’s certain is that the Fifth Fist is presently Prevailer’s second favorite unit, behind only the First.  They kill, and do not die.  They fight, and know only victory.  Enemies of the Regime must reckon with a foe unlike any other.

How can a prophet be defeated?

Predictor : Stuart Purcell

Stuart is one of the few Ultras within the Regime to come to its service entirely willingly.  Originally a high ranking member of the Union’s covert Ultra forces, Stuart defected alongside Slicer during an infiltration of the Regime, and has since served Prevailer in the Fifth Fist.

Predictor has Ultra speed 1, Ultra toughness 1, and some manner of foresight, or future sense.  The limitations of this power are unclear, likely deliberately so, but it seems as though he gains knowledge that he will one day have access to.  Perhaps a telepathic link with potential future selves, or something similar.  He has admitted, on several occasions, that his ability is inferior to Answerer’s, but this may be false modesty.

Stuart leads the Fifth Fist, but in battle he has little to contribute.  He typically takes a dramatic role leading up to any given conflict, but once an Ultra fight begins he functions more like a coach or advisor to his team.

Slicer : Mary Cancer

Mary has always been Stuart’s wingwoman, ever since their time in the Union military.  The two were inseparable.  They went into the Process convinced that either they’d both make it through, or both die, and despite the odds their faith was proven correct.

Slicer is the team’s bruiser, with Ultra strength 2 and Ultra durability 2.  She also has the protruding bone blades which gave her her Ultra name along her legs and forearms.  The cutting power of these blades resembles that of the energy weapons of science fiction stories rather than what one might expect from the blade’s primitive appearance.

Slicer does most of Fifth Fist’s killing, using her blades to decapitate the enemies.  She is generally uncommunicative, and lets Stuart function as the group’s ambassador.

Gardener : Larry Pierce

Gardener’s past is entirely unknown.  No mention of him whatsoever can be found outside of descriptions of his actions in the service of Fifth Fist and the Regime.  No one knows where he came from, where he became an Ultra, or whether ‘Larry Pierce’ was even his real name.

Gardener is an animate wooden being, a sort of cross between tree and human.  Like many male Ultras, his powers have distorted his form.  He has Ultra strength at first level, and Ultra endurance at the second.  He also has an ability to compel plants of any kind into motion, causing trees and vines to wrap themselves around his foe.  The vegetation that he commands lacks his Ultra strength, but this is cold comfort to those who find themselves crushed by an angry forest.

Gardener functions primarily as a front line combatant, relying on Predictor’s leadership to keep him safe from fire.  In addition, he is also something of a refuge for the group, due to his ability to seperate portions of his form and regrow from them if the remainder of his body is damaged or destroyed.

Pitcher : Kelley Yould

Kelly was a Pantheon member, a champion rising swiftly through their ranks with a bright future ahead of her.  She disappeared shortly before the Third Defiance, and was soon seen in the ranks of the Fifth Fist.  How her allegiance was swayed, whether any trace of her original loyalties remain…these questions have gone unanswered.

Kelley can impart a massive velocity change on anything with which her flesh makes contact, hurling anyone she touches away from her with bone shattering velocity.  This is her only known power, but she can invoke it reflexively, which provides a degree of protection that most Ultras without Utra durability lack.

Kelley generally attacks from a distance, hurling cars and the like at the Fist’s foes.  She also provides some mobility to the group, flinging them around in order to avoid enemy attacks.  In times of desperation, she can get close and use her power on the enemy’s themselves, shattering them against solid surfaces or one another.

Tamer : Latisha Smythe-Beryn

Latisha’s foremost ability, her power to control animals, used to give her life meaning.  Dwelling beyond humankind’s knowledge, she sought to give order and structure to the lives of America’s resurgent large predator population.  Predictor tracked her down and drafted her.

Tamer is able to control any non human animal.  She does not appear to be limited by their numbers or sizes, and exercises this control through vocal commands.

Tamer can also merge with an animal, becoming an animal/human hybrid version of the creature.  A snakewoman/dogwoman/etc.  In this demihuman form Tamer gains some lower level Ultra physical powers (often Ultra Strength One, Ultra Toughness One, but sometimes speed makes an appearance).  She loses her ability to compel the obedience of beasts while merged with one, save for those beasts of the same species as that which she has possessed.

Her control of the targeted species is absolute, allowing her to issue mental commands, share their senses and overrule their instincts for self preservation.

In battle, Latisha generally provides scouting services, functions as a refuge and provides limited front line support.  She does not have any known Ultras on her Tally.  Perhaps a spot of decency in the otherwise relentlessly amoral Fifth Fist?

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