3rd Fist

The Third Fist, known sometimes as the “Striking Fist” or “Battling Fist” is Prevailer’s most generally aggressive and hostile unit.  For the most part, they spearhead strikes against Pantheon positions, and perform limited overseas raids.  Experts generally believe that this is the unit with the highest combat power among Prevailer’s Fists.

The Third Fist is a collection of formerly independent Regime enforcers and loyalists.  Built in the wake of the catastrophic losses of the Third Defiance, the Third Fist has generally been a pillar of the Regime since its creation.  Aside from Prevailer herself, it is the most effective element of Prevailer’s military.  Third Fist lacks First Fist’s sadism and Sixth Fist’s rebellious nature, leaving it as the most obedient and reliable front line unit.

Notably, the Third Fist is the most mobile of all of the Fists, with Leveller and Mover both able to propel the Fist faster than most modern vehicles.  Leveller’s dependency on water is the only real limiting factor in their area of operation, but given the need to go inland the Fist is entirely capable of fighting without its leader.

Third Fist rarely ends its battle by pulling back we the other fists do.  It doesn’t have the same dependency on an ‘anchor’ Ultra or other hardened target in order to guarantee survival.  Third Fist tends to make itself safe by killing every adversary.  In this, it takes after its master.

Leveller : Yuan Tzen

Leveller is an incredibly powerful hydrokinetic, capable of controlling the smallest motion of a veritable river’s worth of water.  She remains submerged at all times, wearing a small pond like a war suit, creating breathing channels to bring herself air.

Yuan can destroy a battlefield in an instant, given sufficient water to work with.  She has an awesome gift, and leads Third Fist primarily by virtue of this power. She can freeze it, manipulate it, turn it to steam or boil it.  Leveller seems to exercise this control with very little effort, remaining clearheaded and calm enough to lead the fist even while striking down her enemies with individually targeted rivers.

Killer : Angela Penny

Angela appears startlingly young for such a hardened fighter.  This appearance is deceptive, as her gift seems to be preventing her from aging.  In truth, Angela is not the naive teen that she appears to be, but an Ultra warrior with decades of experience enforcing the Regime’s will.

Angela’s main power is Ultra Speed 1, but she is also blessed by a strange protection.  Weapons refuse to harm Angela, misfiring and falling apart rather than bringing her to harm.  Additionally, she is able to hardness death energies, which she describes as being emitted by humans killed in battle.  We have no way to verify the truth of these statements, but the fact remains that as the victims in a given battle mount so do Killers abilities.

Killer gains Ultra Strength, Speed and Toughness as people die around her, and also gains the ability to conjure weaponry from seemingly nowhere.  She demonstrates an instinctive familiarity with these weapons when she employs them.

For all of this power, Angela seems content with life as Yuan’s minion.  She rarely speaks independently, and seems content to obey the more powerful members of Third Fist.

Evolver : Meghan Brann

Evolver was originally believed to be a team of Ultras, but careful observation has revealed some details of this four formed Ultra.  This report is much less complete than the others, however.

Evolver’s age, height, hairstyle and facial features all change between a set of 4 forms.  Each of these forms, named after the seasons, has its own powers.  She can swap from one form to the next, but doesn’t seem able to alter the pattern (it goes spring->summer, etc.)

Evolver’s forms individual abilities are not known, save that the Fist generally keeps her in Winter form (older woman, white hair, shoots blasts and Ultra tough) during their engagements.

It is likely that Meghan uses her other forms to spy on the Fists enemies, but information on the subject is understandably hard to come by.  Without question, Evolver is the most mysterious member of the Fist.

Blaster : Sasha Resk

Somewhat overpowered by Mover and Leveller, Sasha Resk would probably be the heavy hitter in a less powerful Fist.  With Ultra toughness one and the ability to fire incredibly powerful energy blasts from her hands, Sasha has gifts which are apt for military service.

Sasha’s beams are the most potent and versatile projectile gifts of any known Ultra.  She can bend them mid flight, cause them to split, and adjust the power with which they strike, from a gentle shove to the kind of blow which damages Ultra Toughness three.  They impact selectively on Forms that she targets, and ignore all others.

Blaster is the team’s resident hothead, always champing at the bit and trying to bring about conflict.  She is the most common loss for the team to take, and relies heavily on Linker’s insurance to keep herself alive in warzones.

Mover : Dana Khan

Mover is a telekinetic, full stop.  She can control any form that she can lay eyes on, marionetting it with her gift.  This power is not limited by the form’s type.  She can control flames, water, wood, metal, anything.

She can even control humans, or other Ultras.  The force exerted by her gift appears to max out at Ultra strength 1.  It can’t move things much faster than a car can drive, either.  Nonetheless, the incredibly power of Mover explains much of Third Fist’s successes.

Dana is in frequent conflict with Yuan’s orders.  Yuan’s pragmatic leadership clashes with Dana’s hedonistic impulses and carefree demeanor.  Up till now, Yuan has always ultimately exerted her authority by reminding Dana that Prevailer placed her in charge of the Fist.

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