2nd Fist

The Second Fist, colloquially the “Ruling Fist”, or “Twisting Fist”, is a Fist that Prevailer keeps close at hand.  They function as the first line of defence in Shington, should that be necessary, and also serve as reserves if situations arrive where Prevailer does not deign to take action.

The Second Fist are much more closely integrated with the remainder of the Regime than the rest of the Fists are.  Refiner, of course, leads the Knights of Purity, but a more important fact is that Deceiver coordinates the Regime’s intelligence services.  Second Fist is also usually the Fist which takes charge when they act together, if Subtracter or Prevailer isn’t leading directly.

Second Fist is right in the middle in terms of combat efficiency, but they are more generally triumphant than most of the rest. This is because of their penchant for engaging in battle directly supported by Regime assets.  Refiner’s followers in their hundreds, Ultras in their dozens…the Second Fist have a strong preference for mass combat, and heartlessly expend the Regime’s assets to safeguard their own lives.

Beyond this, it must be remembered that Second Fist is the least experienced Fist in terms of actual battles fought.  First and Third Fists function as the Regime’s offense.  Fifth and Sixth fists work primarily on defense.  Second Fist serves first and foremost in neither capacity, and hence sees less combat than the others.  The lack of familiarity that this brings about has proven fatal to many adversaries.

Deceiver : Aura Starshine

Little is known of the leader of Second Fist.  She was subjected to the Process along with the remainder of her commune during the waning days of the Old World, and switched sides to join Prevailer’s Regime shortly thereafter.  She was not originally the the leader of Second Fist, only taking over within the last decade when Refiner stepped down.

Deceiver’s powers are unclear in their scope, likely by design.  Current thought is that she can hypnotized or mesmerize a small number of enemies, fabricating sensory input as she wills.  Note that this is unlike Blinder or Alerter’s facsimiles, which involve creating actual massless forms in the world.  Deceiver fools the people, not the world itself.

Refiner : Joe Ludd

Refiner’s crime spree helped bring about the end of the old world.  By lending objects enhanced by his power to his hate group he forced the public to confront the Ultra’s existence and provoked the government to harness them for its own defence.  By joining with Remover and persuading Prevailer to rebel he cast the civilization that he hated down.  The rank hypocrisy of a devoted white supremacist working for Prevailer didn’t stop him from embracing a role in the Regime.

Everyone knows Refiner’s story.  Leader of an obscure hate group, he gained powers when Dr. Chen asked Her to find him subjects for his experiment, and She reached out to the criminal underworld.  His ability, which allowed him to lend Ultra power to objects and specify the circumstances under which they would retain that power, made the Knights from a laughably misguided fringe group into a terrorist organization.

Nowadays Refiner plays little role in his Fist’s battles, seemingly content to stand back and let his Fist (draped in gear improved by his gift), and his Knights do all the fighting.

Bomber : Margaret Wen

Bomber is the Second Fist’s only highly mobile member.  She is excellent at this role, however, with Ultra flight speed that approaches an old world plane, albeit a slow one.  When her fist takes to the field, Bomber scouts and provides the information that they need.

She also has a surprisingly potent offensive ability, discharging energy spheres from her hands which explode on impact with another form.  Her precise aim when using these spheres cause some observers to believe that she has at least some of the powers associated with Ultra Speed one.

Margaret has been known to buck at the Second Fist’s command structure, and is definitely the team’s hot head.  She has defied Deceiver on several occasions, always in order to seek out thrills or new experiences.

Destroyer : Lucy Welk

Every Fist has a member who can go toe to toe with just about any adversary.  In Second Fist, that’s Destroyer.  Destroyer is an Ultra who cares for nothing beyond the thrill of combat.  She is a battle maniac, a kindred spirit to Subtracter or Prevailer.  Her power level is also frighteningly high.

Destroyer has Ultra Speed two, Ultra Strength one and Ultra Toughness two.  As though that’s not enough, she can also increase her size to a titanic extent, eventually towering several stories in the air.  When expanded her strength increases and her speed drops.

Destroyer has a furious rage inside her, and is always ready to enter battle.  Perhaps the only thing that kept her out of First Fist is that Destroyer’s battle lust is reserved for worthy adversaries.  Wholesale slaughter bores her.

Choker : Daniel Stanton

It is likely that Choker has suffered from the mutations common to men who undergo the Process.  There is no way to be sure, however, as he wears a full body leather bodysuit at all times, and is surrounded by a few feet of his trademark black fog.

Choker’s fog saps the strength of those who venture within, and lends that power to him.  There is no known limit to the number of victims he can harness power from, nor are there any individuals (including Her) other than himself who seem to be immune to the power draining effect.

Choker’s fog is difficult to use in concert with the remainder of his Fist, and consequently he is generally held in reserve, or used to affect broader battles, rather than fighting alongside them.  He seems alright with this fact, obeying without question Deceiver and Refiner’s orders.

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