KEM : Thor


Ultrahuman Designation: Thor

Birth Name: Rajesh (last name Unknown)

Occupation: Pantheon commander

Appearance: Male, dark skinned, dark haired.  Usually grows its hair long, with significant facial hair.  No obvious fat or muscle tone.  Uncommonly tall (approx. 6’4″).  Wears a distinctive pseudo Norse regalia as part of it’s uniform.  Chain accessories, armor as fashion statement.

Sigil: Metal crown/circlet, worked to resemble a laurel wreath.  Distinctive hammer is another identifying characteristic.

Super strength: Level 1

Super durability: Level 2

Super speed: None


Rajesh’s early life is a blank, but reasonable guesses can be made.  It was born into poverty in the midst of the Indian Pantheon territory.  It underwent the Procedure, likely under duress.  It rose through the ranks due to its startling power array.

Patriots first learned of the creature when it arrived on the southern front with a large retinue in tow.  It is likely that the creatures were transported by a scavenged human airplane, as the Pantheon is not known to have any Ultras tasked with large scale transportation.

It immediately took command of the local Pantheon forces, and launched a series of assaults, clashing repeatedly with the Third Fist.  It came off worse in each encounter (Primarily due to Mover), although its mobility always allowed it to escape.  It did better in conflict with Sixth Fist, but still was generally felt to be on the losing end of the clash between the monsters.

At some point its superiors apparently tired of its lack of success, and sponsored or supported the entity known as Krishna to take over.  The Pantheon Ultras in Redo are divided between these leaders.


Thor has, in addition to its physical Ultra powers, the abilities of flight and density manipulation.  Either is formidable.  Together with its other gifts they make for a mighty Ultra, one who has a Tally in the high three figures.

Thor’s flight is directed and swift, but lacks much ability to change direction gracefully.  It essentially flings itself at a chosen angle.  At any time (even midflight) it may hurl itself in a different direction, but it can’t really slow down or speed up, and it appears to become disoriented at times when forced to turn.  It prefers to make straight flights, in long arcs.

Thor’s flight approaches speeds of a hundred or so miles an hour.  Slower by far than aircraft, but fast enough that ground combatants can’t really keep up.

Thor also has the ability to increase or decrease the density of objects which it takes hold of.  It can make a building as light as a tennis ball, or a tennis ball as heavy as a building.  It typically exercises this ability to bomb targets from above with hurled projectiles that strike like asteroid impacts.  Thor has killed many Ultras this way.

Patriots have speculated, in fact, that Thor may have killed an Ultra with level 2 Ultra durability using this gift.  That should not be possible, but the theory goes that this gift would allow Thor to remove Ultra toughness from an Ultra that it got it’s hands on.  KEM applauds this possibility, and hopes that this monster removes many others before it meets its just fate.

Crimes against humanity:

Mass murder, torture, along with a wide variety of more exotic crimes.  Thor feels absolutely no compunction against harming humanity, and seems to revel in the opportunity to lash out at those who cannot fight back.  Unusually for its debased kind, Thor has never been reported to indulge in rape.  Likely the creature kills the witnesses.

Kill Priority: Highest.  Thor is an active Ultra of the worst sort.  A living, ongoing, genocide. It is a rare day that it doesn’t kill a human.

Kill Method: As with many of the worst Ultras, the brave patriots of KEM are unable to destroy Thor.  Ultra toughness level two protects it against all but its own debased kind.  An enterprising patriot who was able to manipulate one of its fellow monsters into ending its life would be a hero to all mankind.


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