Regime Attacks

The Regime, considered as a military opponent, functions more like a militia or insurgent group than it does a unified army.  It is unable to stick to a peace agreement, wages no long campaigns and lacks an overall strategy of war.  Students of the Regime’s conduct have categorized the Regime’s attack patterns as follows.

Category One: Belligerent

Oftentimes the Regime behaves like a drunk, spoiling for a fight.  A Fist or large detachment of Ultras will move into enemy territory and won’t stop until they see battle.  These drives are often tremendously destructive to frontier personnel, but corporal damage is not their objective.  Rather, the Regime forces will only halt when they find an enemy that promises a difficult fight.  After the fight, win or lose, the Regime’s Ultras will head for home.

There is anecdotal evidence that these raids are held primarily for the benefit of the Regime’s voyeuristic leader.  If these stories are to be belived, then by using the talents of the notorious “Snitcher”, She observes Her killers in action, sating her bloodthirst by proxy.

Category Two: Punitive

When the Regime is injured it lashes out in a more considered and deadly fashion.  Punitive expeditions followed some of the more obvious assassination attempts that Union or Pantheon forces sponsored.  They are waged by two or more Fists, and supporting forces, under the command of an Inner Circle member, typically Subtracter or Prevailer.

These expeditions are attempts to rub enemy cities off of the map.  The Regime destroys urban areas wholesale, killing all those found within.  Unlike a Category One offensive, the Regime does not indulge in battle for its own sake at these times, preferring to focus on their objectives.

Category Three: Acquisitive

Rarely, the Regime is moved by unknown factors to add a section of the border to the territory that it claims.  It will move a Fist and supporting forces into an enemy city, and strive to destroy the defending Ultras.  During these assaults the Regime strives to minimize infrastructure and civilian losses, seeking instead to plunder these resources for its own purposes.

It is widely believed that these attacks are initiated by individual Ultras in the Regime, rather than its command structure.  Leaders of Fists, renowned Troubleshooters and the like have all inspired Category Three efforts to bring sections of the Regime’s borders under its direct control.

In all cases, the Regime’s attacks do not coincide with activities on other fronts.  It behaves as a series of mostly independent armed camps, each unconcerned with their neighbors.  This military inadequacy will likely play a large role in this rogue state’s eventual downfall.

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  1. > This military inadequacy will likely play a large role in this rogue state’s eventual downfall.

    Heh! An unusually optimistic analyst.

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