Ultra Trends and Limitations

Due to the rampant spread of the Process (or rather, of the Company, which practices the Process) there is a vast and comprehensive sample size for Ultra powers.  Several trends have become apparent.

1: Male Ultras are frequently deformed.

Very few female Ultras exhibit the elaborate deformities which typify the male of the genre.  Pursuer, of the Regime, is one of the more famous cases, with a form that tends strongly towards the canine.  In most cases these strange body changes bear some relation to the Ultra’s powers.  An Ultra who projects fire might have red hands, or eyes that are actually made of flame, or similar.  An Ultra who has an ability related to water may find that that his Form has developed decorative gills.

2: Ultra powers tend to affect discrete objects.

It is a fairly common power for an Ultra to affect an object, or objects.  They might make one intangible, or transport it, or what have you.  Powers such as these are usually able to be used on multiple objects, but sequentially, rather than at one time.  Someone who can make forms glow couldn’t stick their hand into a bag of marbles and make each one glow.  They’d have to take each one aside and use their power on it seperately.

This is similar to how Ultra Strength allows affects  an Ultra lifting a building.  As she picks it up the structure will, implausibly, stick together.  It is still one ‘form’.  She is lifting a building, not a series of walls, floors,etc.  Even if she turns it sideways, the roof won’t fall off.  But a person ON that roof would, as they are not part of the building’s form.

3: Ultra powers are usually not directly harmful to the user.

This is not to say that an Ultra cannot harm themselves with their powers.  They absolutely can, and there are numerous documented cases of suicide by Ultra gift.  However, it is extremely rare for an Ultra’s ability to harm themselves accidentally.  An Ultra whose speed has been enhance will not rip his own legs off by trying to go too fast.  An Ultra who projects lightning will not electrocute themselves starting the circuit, etc.

4:  Ultra powers are unable to affect thoughts

This is an area where there is a lot of grey, but it SEEMS to be a rule that an Ultra cannot control another person’s thoughts.  There are a lot of ways around this.  There are Ultras who control other people’s feelings.  There are Ultras who hijack other people’s bodies.  There are Ultras who put people to sleep, or mess with their memories.  But there are no known cases of Ultras actually making other human’s decisions.

5: Ultra powers tend to be limited in scope, for large degrees of limited.

Prevailer is, of course, the canonical counter example, but there is still an observable tendency towards powers that act on a personal scale.  No one, for example, has yet exhibited the ability to destroy everything that they look upon, and destroyed the world and observable universe immediately after surviving the Process.  No one’s breath converts air to anti matter.

This, combined with 3, is often times used as ‘evidence’ for an intelligent designer gifting Ultras with their abilities.  The existence of God is beyond the scope of this text.

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