The Operation of a Company Facility

The Company’s buildings are ubiquitous throughout the settled world.  Wherever humans live in large concentrations, you will find their brushed white exteriors and standardized constructions, with the cheerful ‘C in a circle’ logo.  This symbol is recognized in more places than the Christian cross, and you’d be hard pressed indeed to find someone who didn’t know what it meant.

That said, it is still worthwhile to write this report.  Regime scholarship itself is a field of study which will constantly remind the enterprising scholar of how much ‘common knowledge’ is lost because no one bothered to write it down.  Who knows what the future will conclude about these boxy structures if we don’t set the information down in permanent form?


A Company facility is set up in a 3 x 3 grid of rooms, and has 2 floors.  Access to the second floor comes through stairs set into the middle room on the bottom level, or via windows set into the various frames.  The bottom floor has doors on each long face, leading to the center rooms.

Entry rooms:

Along all 4 sides of the bottom floor of the building are the ‘entry rooms’, where Company Men see citizens.  They administer protein paste, take requests for medical treatment and answer human’s questions to the best of their ability.  These rooms are almost entirely unsecured, and contain little of import.

Processing rooms:

The four corner rooms of the bottom floor are staffed by Chen’s, Copyer’s clones of the infamous Dr. Chen.  These replicas administer the Process to any human who volunteers.  Again, there is little to no security at this point.  A shout here will be audible to the guards in the Guard Post, however.

Guard Post:

The bottom middle floor of the Facility is where the Ultra guards are housed.  These Ultras are typically locals who have recently undergone the Process and agreed to the Company’s request for service.  They serve for a year or two in most cases, before moving onto whatever destiny prompted their choice to take the Process in the first place.  In some cases the local government also provides some security personnel to man the Company’s guard areas.

Upper floor:

The upper floor is a wide open area, one large room.  On this floor a wide variety of operations will typically be under way.  Those individuals who were killed by the Process will be being rendered down into the catalyst chemical for the Protein paste.  Off duty Chen’s and Company Men will be taking care of paper work and researching Essence Theory.  Curious guards may have wandered up to rubberneck.


The Company Facilities serve 2 functions.  First off, they feed the human population.  The protein powder that they distill contains everything a person needs to live (along with certain vitamin supplements), and they provide this free of charge to any who ask.  The second function that they serve is the more sinister one, making the Process available to any who ask, once again without cost.


The Company Facilities seem to be leaderless.  Each Chen, each Company Man, performs the same task as his fellows, without the need for direction.  Coercion, bribery, blackmail…nothing has ever been able to alter the Company personnel’s behavior being certain set limits of variance.


The Company seems to serve Prevailer’s wishes entirely.  There are those who say that the reverse is true.  The truth is not known at this time.

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