Incident report

I’ll make this brief.  Spring says that her power is detecting Prevailer active in Laredo now.  Everything’s gone tits up.

My observations on her patterns suggest that we are likely to be safe.  When she attacks an area she rarely lets anyone escape, but it is comparatively rare for her to track down combatants who were already on the way out before she arrived.  Nonetheless, it is possible that this will be my last report.

Earlier I indicated that Thor had slipped his leash and struck out against me.  I’d like to amend that.

It is the most obvious explanation, to be sure.  But there are a lot of little things that augur against it.

  1. I had agents in Thor’s unit, and NONE of them reported anything like this in the works.  It is possible that they were neutralized, or double agents from the start, but it doesn’t seem likely.
  2. Thor’s first move was to attack his own organization, some kind of battle taking place at his most loyal lieutenant’s base.  There isn’t any kind of tactical advantage to be gained from doing that, and, indeed, the Ultras who died there are likely the reason that his initial sneak attack lost momentum and I was able to mobilize a fighting retreat.
  3. There were a variety of confusing reports in the days leading up to this evening’s incident.  An Ultrafight fan in my unit reported seeing Indulger in town.  Confused reports of a Valkrye’s presence reached me immediately before things kicked off.
  4. My gift didn’t give me any sense that Thor was a danger until things were already underway.  Further, it didn’t give me any sense that the unpowered populace of the city were under threat until the battle had already begun.  Taken together, I interpret this to mean Union action.

These factors gave me doubt, but I still considered it most likely, all things considered, that Thor was the ultimate figure behind the conflict.  However, Prevailer’s appearance tears it.  There is very little likelihood that Prevailer would turn up on the same day that Thor attempted to improve his position by attacking me.

There was another party behind the events of the previous evening.  Given Prevailer’s involvement, it is likely that it was the Regime.  On a hunch, we are seeing the first action of a new Fist.

More when(if) I reach my backup.


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  1. >Confused reports of a Valkrye’s presence reached me immediately before things kicked off.

    Should that be “Valkyrie”?

    Also, does this implies that there are most soul collectors like Haunter? I hope we get to meet them!

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