Ultra Syndrome



Brief:  Survivors of the Ultrahuman Process manifest a mental condition which causes them to behave in ways that will allow them to use their gifts.  This condition varies in strength with the strength of their gifts.


It has long been an enigma that granting Ultrahuman powers to a segment of the populace had the tragic results that it did.  There were many other arrangements that the Ultrahumans could have come to, including many which seemed more beneficial not just to the unProcessed populace but to themselves as well.  One can imagine a two tier citizenry participating in some manner of weighted election.  One can imagine a world very like the old, a patchwork of nation states with Ultrahumans contributing to their respective espionage and defense agencies.  There were many possibilities?  Why did they go straight to lawlessness?

Previously, the traditional answer to this question was a cynical bemoaning of the human condition.  The story of the Ring of Gyges, in brief.  People were always beasts, and the guns kept them in line.

After that was shown to be unsatisfactory the explanation shifted to the self selecting nature of the Processed.  The individuals in question had accepted a one in thirty shot at life in order to acquire these powers.  Surely they would wish to put them to use?

Still, questions lingered.  Under the auspices of the Ultrahuman Research Center we have examined a staggering volume of Ultras, both domestic and foreign.  The study ran for a period of 5 years, and we have great confidence in our finding.

The conclusive result of our investigations is that Ultrahumans will invariable be tempted to rationalize their way to a lifestyle which allows them regular use of their ability.  This tendency holds true almost regardless of how manifestly impractical the ability is in the situation they start in.

An Ultrahuman who is strong will find her way to an occupation where she must lift, crush, fight or break things.  An Ultrahuman who is fast will take up hobbies demanding quick reflexes.  An Ultrahuman who is tough will become abrasive and confrontational.  An Ultrahuman who can set things on fire…the point is clear.

Women who had miniscule gifts were generally able to control these urges.  Their new impulses might show up in their hobbies, in the occasional excursion, but by and large they remained in control of themselves.  Ultrahumans who were strong, however, would by flimsy rationalization find themselves employing their new abilities on a day to day basis.

This information is recorded only in this message.  We are well aware of the sensitive nature of this report, and will communicate it to no one else.  We pray that it will aid our nation in its struggles against the Ultra dominated kingdoms.

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