The cracking of the moon

Without a doubt the most striking feature of our age is the series of deep fissures and rifts (visible to the naked eye) which cut across the moon’s surface.  As any child could tell you, this was the result of Prevailer’s celebrated power.

What doesn’t get mentioned as much is the furious debate which surrounds this event.  No one knows the exact circumstances, nor the reason for this action.

What is known:

Shortly after the Third Defiance (Slasher’s rampage), the moon was cracked.  Shortly thereafter, the Regime communicated to Union and Pantheon officials that it was indeed Prevailer’s action which brought this about.  Notably, they did not elaborate.  Intelligence sources have indicated that the reason that Her gov said nothing more on the matter is that they did not (do not) know anything more.

Widespread speculation has persisted since the incident.  The general idea, at first, was that this was a warning message.  Prevailer was telling everyone to back off.  But Her subsequent behavior hasn’t squared with that, as She continues to press for violent contact with her myriad enemies at every opportunity.

The “warning message” theory was damaged at the start of the Fourth Defiance, when the Pantheon, pushed past endurance by Her policy of massacring the families of prominent enemy leaders (which led to their assuming various gods’ names) assailed the Regime en masse.  If anything should have provoked a world cracking response from Prevailer, that would be it.  But She was content to fight the Fourth Defiance as She had those before it, battling Ultras rather than smashing the world.

No one has really come up with a good reason to replace the warning message theory, however.  The Union, publicly, refuses to comment.  Privately the line is that it was a temper tantrum, just one more demonstration of the childish and violent nature of their adversary.  The Pantheon gives a thousand answers, from Prevailer having a fight on the moon to Her hitting someone into the sky without being careful of what was above Her.

My contention is a modified “warning message”.  Just as people speculated, Prevailer was displaying Her power, throwing a brush back pitch to a very specific audience.  What She was warning against, however, is not the Fourth Defiance.  She loves to fight.  She isn’t telling people not to fight Her.  She’s telling them not to do something else, and it would be very interesting to know what that was.

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