The Leadership Council of the Pantheon


The Leadership Council sets the policy that the individual leaders of Pantheon nations follow.  These policies tend to be broad, with each petty king interpreting them in his own way, but they also tend to be followed.  Ultimately, what the Council decides moves the Pantheon, and thus the world.


The Council is made up of those that the existing members cannot keep off of it.  Informally, if the Council is calling on someone often enough that they might as well be on it, they extend an invitation.  Usually this means an Ultra who commands a large following of useful Ultras, but it can also mean one who is extremely useful, or simply too powerful to be ignored.  It is also traditional that anyone who kills a member of the Council in a duel may take their seat.


At present the Council is made up of the following individuals, each of whom receives votes equivalent to their number.  If they add a new member, that member will probably start at 1, and the rest will bump up a number.

Zeus (12)

The notorious leader of the Pantheon, Zeus is kind of the mold that the others were made from.  He rose to power when he stopped a Union advance within hours of being Processed.  He killed the entire old Leadership Council when he ‘joined’.  He led the team that killed Fourth Fist.

Zeus is responsible for conquering the planet for the Pantheon, directing its armies and commanding its Ultras.

Isis (11)

Isis is an excellent negotiator and consensus builder.  She reorganized the Pantheon in the wake of Zeus’s coup, preventing all around chaos.  She is probably the most trusted and respected member of the Council.

Isis is responsible for internal Pantheon policy, herding the city states in the direction that the Council deems fit.


Brahma is a warlord, through and through.  She was invited into the Pantheon when Zeus realized that implementing her suggestions was invariably better than not doing so.  Perhaps the age’s most practiced strategist in the area of Ultra war.

Brahma organizes and supplies the Pantheon’s armies, allocating resources and forcing recalcitrant chieftains to adopt her strategies.

Jesus (9)

Jesus is a skilled combatant, but lacks any broader strategic importance.  She was brought into the Pantheon when Zeus realized that the last 3 troublemakers he’d killed were all her, due to her gift’s ability to resurrect her.

Jesus serves as the Pantheon’s champion, answering any foe foolish enough to challenge them to single combat.

Buddha (8)

Buddha is a weapon of mass destruction, an Ultra so unfathomably dangerous that she isn’t even safe to kill.  She worked her way onto the council by holding the populace of east asia hostage. No one has figured out a way to remove her yet.

Buddha enjoys input into the affairs of the world’s biggest nation.  She does what she feels like doing.

Itzamna (7)

Itzamna is a canny and shrewd Ultra.  She seized several victories for the Pantheon against the Regime, when it was expecting only defeat.  She has secured more at the negotiating table than they thought they could hope for.  She made herself indispensable and was duly recognized.

Itzamna is the Ultra in charge of negotiations with foreign powers.  She is in charge of the Pantheon’s Company account.

Kami (6)

Little is known of Kami’s exploits, save that the figure behind the name has changed several times.  Kami infallibly votes with Isis.

Kami is thought to be in charge of the Pantheon’s covert operations, although obviously this is not officially confirmed.

Gaia (5)

Gaia possesses an incredibly broad terraforming power.  She refused membership in the old Council, but accepted when Zeus extended the offer.

Gaia personally supplies a large percentage of the Pantheon’s food.  She is a vital national asset, and is given broad leeway as a result.


Death pioneered the Processing camps which the Pantheon has gotten so many Ultras from.  The thousands of Ultras that she provided the Council ensured that when they decided to add a seat, they knew just who to pick.

Death continues to oversee the facilities by which the Pantheon’s Ultra manpower is sustained.  She is also frequently called upon in order to put down any hint of rebellion.

Odin (3)

Odin rose to the Council through general military adventure.  He simply extended his rule through enough cities that the Council felt it was wise to bring him on board, before he got too big to control.

Odin has no specific duties in Council, functioning as a sort of understudy to any other member if two instances of their job pop up at once.

Coyote (2)

Coyote was the Council’s chief specialist in the nature of Ultra powers, the scientists that they turned to when they needed specialized expertise.  Eventually they decided to bring her on in a permanent capacity.

Coyote remains the leader of the Pantheon’s meta-Ultras, those Ultras whose powers deal with Ultra power directly.  She also heads up what scientists the Pantheon still retains.

Cthulu (1)

Cthulu assassinated a member of the Leadership Council, and claimed her seat.  She has fought off several attempts to do the same to her.

Cthulu is an assassin, taking care of Ultras that the Council is wary of.

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