Ocean Crossing

The time of easy, routine passage from one continent to another is largely past.  Nowadays, when an individual wants to pass from between lands more arduous measures must be employed.

The Union:

The Union is bisected by oceans, neatly divided into  its Eurasian components and Eastern Canada.  As a consequence, it has invested considerable resources into guaranteeing that this connection cannot be easily cut.  The Union uses the following methods of transit.

1: Telepresence

The Union is unique among the world’s current factions in that its available technology equals or exceeds that of the old world.  This includes computers and similar devices capable of simulating an individuals presence anywhere that they can be connected to.

The Regime and Pantheon have never quite figured out how the trick is managed, whether there is a satellite somehow hidden for all of these years or a transatlantic cable that they have never managed to discover, but the fact remains that Union networks in the Americas and Europe are able to communicate with one another.

As a consequence, the Union doesn’t suffer from the Pantheon’s dependence on messengers and the like for communication.  If the only factor necessitating transit is a desire for contact, the Union can avoid physical passage of the oceans entirely.

2: Aircraft

The Union’s aircraft are leaps and bounds above what anyone else in the world has at hand.  These vehicles have the range to cross the ocean without stopping for supplies, and the speed to evade most Ultra attackers.

Some of these vehicles have even been used, with little success, in direct attacks on Ultras.  That task is more commonly performed by drones, of course.

In any case, the Union’s air fleet gives their Ultra forces a redeployment capability that no other faction can match.  This has helped to alleviate their military disadvantage.

3: Ships

Hardly ever stirring from port, the Union does still maintain the remnants of the mighty navies of the old world.  It is uncertain exactly what function these now serve, but they could certainly transfer an unsurpassed volume from one side of the ocean to the other.

Far slower than aircraft, but capable of carrying vastly more cargo, the ships of the old world would be floating coffins in a modern day conflict.  They have occasionally been used to move the population of destroyed cities from one half of the Union to the other, evacuating civilians before the enemy can seize them.

4: The Siberian Connection

Eastern Russia is, loosely, in the hands of the Pantheon, but historically they haven’t maintained a strong military presence in the area.  A motivated Ultra or team of same might travel to the other side of the Union the long way, crossing a much smaller body of water.

Obviously, the time that this approach would take would be incredible.  It is difficult to think of an advantage to trying such a thing, save perhaps surprise.  This would be a classic example of an idea so crazy that it just might work.


The Pantheon is far more divided than the Union.  Its territories in South America, Africa and East Asia are all cut off from one another by oceans or conflict zones.  It has responded to this hardship in a different fashion from the Union, however.

Rather than striving to guarantee that travel between fragments of its commonwealth cannot be interrupted the Pantheon has mostly accepted that it will have to exist in a severed state.  The city states of each segment of the Pantheon share very little with one another, save for a common fear of the Ultras of the Ruling Council.

1: Ultra Power:

If a member of the Pantheon wants to travel to continent, they are typically on their own.  Many Valkries possess a movement gift for this reason, or have a tame human who is adept in flying an old aircraft that they’ve refurbished.

Pantheon travelers are thus a ragtag lot, passing from one land to another through whatever means they can command, hoping that they speak a language that their destination understands.

2: Dimensional Folding:

Somewhere in the ranks of the Pantheon’s Ultras is one who has an ability that thus far remains blessedly singular.  This Ultra, known jokingly to Union intelligence as Nyarlapthotep, has the ability to join one location to another, allowing objects and people to pass between them in an instant.

This ability is used extremely rarely.  There are only two documented cases where the Ruling Council has deployed it.  However, many observers feel that should the Pantheon ever launch an all out assault upon the Regime or the Union they will do so via this method, bringing their host from their staging ground to their destination in an instant.


The Regime is the smallest, geographically, of the world’s current factions, and doesn’t have to worry about oceanic travel.  By and large, the Regime’s citizens do not cross oceans.

Those who do, typically Fists deployed on terror missions, use their Ultra powers to travel across the sea.  Third Fist is the most notorious in terms of executing such missions.

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