Diplomatic Communique



Bet you’ve already heard, I’ve made a new Fist.  I wanted to talk about why I did that.

I know that when you killed my old Fourth Fist you probably thought that that mattered.  I wanted you to think that.  You fell for it.  But the time has come to tell you that you were wrong.

I can make Fists any time I want.  And the new one is better than the old one.  You made my team stronger by killing them.  And that’s always going to be true.  Anyone that gets killed by you clowns I didn’t want anyway.  I’ll get new people who are stronger.

I’m not stuck with six Fists.  I can have as many as I want.  I keep it at six because that’s how many people I’ve found that I think are useful that way.  If I find more I might increase the number, and you can’t do shit about it.

Anyway, the new gals are led by Indulger, a guy who controls rocks.  Then there is Fisher, who is a chick that has a shadow monster.  Next up we’ve got Preventer, who is very smart and also tough, and then Condemner, who is a fire monster.  Finally, we’ve got Haunter, who can make ghosts.  It is a kick ass team.

Also, I’m hearing that you are going to try and have a big battle without me.  Guess how that’s going to go.  Maybe I’ll see you soon.

Look at the moon, and be afraid,




Hey Readers,

Just wanted to give you an advance heads up that I’m going to be doing NaNoWriMo this year.  Obviously, writing on TFD would hurt my chances of finishing, but on the other hand you can’t just take a month off when writing a web serial and keep your readership. So…

In November I’ll be doing interludes for each update.  These will just be short, slice of life sections for characters, they won’t really move the story along.  If you comment on this update you can request an interlude for specific characters and I’ll try my best to work them in.

Also, huge thanks to whoever has been voting for us in TopWebFiction (using the link on the upper right, wink wink).  TFD was up to 4 votes at one point I think, so big props to whoever is giving me that kind of praise.

Sorry and Thanks,


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  1. Shit man I always forget that topwebfiction exists. Anyway, a Mangler interlude would be pretty cool. She seems chill.

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