Fourth Fist Countermeasures

Wow, we are really doing this?  I’m not loving our odds here.

I know, I know, you are the commander.  I’m just saying…

Alright, so let’s go down the list, start to finish.


Leader: Indulger

So, like we talked about, this is the guy I had the run in with.  I can personally attest that he has the ability to control the ground.  He was using it to fix a road when we happened upon him, and he also slid himself around at speed during the fight, and basically used it to slap our specialist when she took a hostage.

Beyond that, though, he is also protected by it.  We had to have shot him a hundred times, at least, and he is only Ultra Tough one.  He was taking impacts from the shots, reeling and sustaining damage.  It just fixed itself while we watched.

According to the intel his powers are only available to him while he maintains contact with the ground.  In a building or while held in the air he has a dramatically limited subset of them.

Beyond that, and I hesitate to list this as a weakness, Indulger tries to keep people alive.  He used nonlethal force in our battle, and allowed us to depart after he triumphed.  He was swayed when a Regime civilian, an unpowered human, was taken hostage.

The obvious solution to neutralizing Indulger is to get them inside  He didn’t seem all that bright.  Failing that, lift him into the air.  Marcy or Eve ought to be strong enough to hoist him up or punt him.

#2: Haunter

We have little information about this woman, mostly just her KEM sheet.  It seems as though she can generate person shaped projections.  These act independently, and make her something of a one woman army.

Her projections have been observed wielding firearms (both those projected alongside them, and those that they seize from the environment.)  Haunter has also shown a difficult to pin down degree of Ultra strength.

The weakness that I see in her gift (aside from just shooting anything that comes out of her), is that her projections don’t seem to be incorporeal after they leave her.  They clearly pass through her clothing, but thereafter they seem to be entirely touchable.  If she was shut up in some manner of coffin, or box, she ought to be helpless.

An additional weakness that Haunter has is that aside from passing her injuries onto her projections, she is just an old woman.  If we use a non kinetic attack (poison or similar), we may be able to affect her actual body, and put her down without any drama.

#3: Fisher

We don’t know enough about Fisher to make a real estimation as to her abilities.

Most similar Ultras, that is, those who project a battle form, are comparatively vulnerable in their ordinary forms.  Knowing as little about Fisher as we do, it may be possible to simply take her at gunpoint.

While it wouldn’t normally be plausible for the Regime to make an Ultra that can be shot a member of one of their Fists, there is some precedent (Remover, etc).  The intention might be that she hangs back from battle and uses her projection in order to contribute.

Speculation aside, some version of “fight them both” should probably work for Fisher’s forms.  If her creation had power on the level of Subtracter or Pursuer she would be the leader.

#4: Condemner

Condemner has, and this can’t be emphasized enough, Ultra Speed.

I know you are betting on a surprise attack, man, but remember how hard it is get the drop on someone with Ultra Speed.  He WILL react the instant he perceives anything amiss.  We aren’t just going to be able to club him across the back of the neck or whatever.

Ultras with powers like these experience time differently.  We should plan on him reacting immediately and optimally when we make our move.

As far as his flame powers, we have an unusually detailed summary, courtesy of a Regime source.

Condemner is most vulnerable immediately on turning into flame.  He needs to find either fuel or living beings.  The first will sustain him, the second will turbo charge him.  If he goes into flame form in an inflammable space, and no one goes near him, he ought to either gutter out or swap back to his human form.

There is also an unconfirmed report that he is unable to shift forms at all while wet.  If this is the case, then that would be an easy way to subdue him.

#5: Preventer

And now we get to the reason that this is all useless.  Preventer is invincible.  Nobody but her boss can kill her, as far as we know.

We can probably restrain her, however.  Her offensive ability is comparatively limited.  Any Ultrahuman combatant with Ultra Toughness one or more ought to be able to just tackle her and hold her down.

It is just a rumor, but I heard that the Dragon can kill anything.  Maybe ask the Secretary if she can spare her services for a while?  Or abandon this whole idea?

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