Interlude: Queller

Time:  Shortly after Condemner’s capture by Fifth Fist

Place: Nectady outskirts, isolated area


Predictor:  What’s the matter?

Queller:  You told me that the fire guy would be killed!

Predictor: Yes, that’s right.

Queller:  He wasn’t, you assholes handed him over to Her.  I’ve heard whispers that dude is going to be part of a Fist.

Predictor:  Yes, he will.

Queller:  So you see my fucking problem?  You had me antagonize someone who might become immortal?

Predictor:  No ‘might’ about it.  Condemner will be part of a Fist, I’ve seen it with my gift.

Queller:  Fuck you-

Slicer: Back.

Queller:  He’s going to be my fucking boss, you bastards.

Predictor:  I see.  You resent me for deceiving you.

Queller: Yes, you utter shit.

Predictor:  Your ire is misplaced, my dear.  There were a number of paths that I could have taken to get you to take that action, and a simple instruction was among the least painful for you.  You might well thank me.

Queller:  THANK you?  I’ve got an angry fire elemental who knows I tried to kill him possibly becoming my boss, and you want me to thank you?

Predictor:  Not precisely.  I don’t ‘want’ you to do anything at this time.  If I did, you’d be doing it.  My gift may be more limited in scope than other precognitive abilities, but it updates much more rapidly.  I consider it to be the pinnacle of foresight related gifts.

Queller:  I’m never taking another one of your fucking orders.  Look into the fucking future and take a good long peep at how that’s going to play out.

Predictor:  If you say so.  You might do well to consider that refusing the direct approach means that I will rely upon alternate-

*Door Slam*

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  1. Good news Queller! He’s probably been kidnapped to Europe by now, so won’t be able to go after you for quite a while…

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