Graduation Address

Well met!

If you are hearing this, then your Process was a success.  Your mortal life, your mortal name, these are behind you now.  That crummy life, that wasted time of listening to grownups and sitting in the camps.  That’s done with.  You have been reborn, a God of the Pantheon.

No doubt you are perplexed by this voice.  You are familiar with the voice of the boss of the bullies who herded you here.  He has terrorized you for all of your short lives.  You are familiar with the voice of the Ultra who is his boss.  She was a being you have glimpsed a time or two, at a distance.  Her power enchanted and terrified you.  You may even be familiar with Death, who reigns above every camp boss.  Her voice issued from these recordings at times of punishment and celebration.

But perhaps you have wondered, only to yourself and during times of idleness, does Death have a boss?  Is there a Master of Masters?  The answer is yes.

The answer is me.

I am Zeus, Cloud Gatherer.  God of Gods, ruler of all the civilized earth.  You are my child, your fellow survivors my children, and now you are come into your inheritance.

You may not believe that this voice knows you, but let me tell you now that I have stood where you stand now.  I was born in these camps, mistreated and Processed.  I was reborn a God, and heard the recording of the God before me.

I killed her, and took her throne.

You have crouched, from time to time, and looked up at the cracked moon.  Perhaps you wondered what power could crack the moon?  But what I realized was that any one can put a thumb in front of that moon, block it out.  The thumb is greater, because it belongs to you.

You are the most important thing in the world.  You can blot out the moon.  What else can you do?

You can take revenge, first off.

The guards don’t know about this part.  They came from those who didn’t have the courage to choose the Process last time.  They never knew what happened to their guards, they were told that they were moved to another camp.  But do you think that happened?

Go out and kill them.  Get them back for everything that they’ve done to you.  If they beg for mercy, torture them.  If they fight back, use your Divine Power and show them their place.

When you are done with that, the camp Ultras, the grown-ups with power, will come to you.  You will cooperate with them, or you will kill them.  If you kill them, then you stand in rebellion against me.  I will kill you.  The end.

If you obey them, and undergo their tests, then one of four fates will be yours.

The first fate will be if you take their instructions, obey as long as they are watching, and then sneak off.  You will be an enemy of the world, and my good children will hunt you down.  The end.

The second fate will be if they deem you worthy to battle my enemy in the middle world, the Union.  These are weak Gods, slaves of men.  Against them you can gain glory and renown, let your Divine name ring out.  Destroy them and rise in power, until you join my Council as a mighty king and god.

The third fate will be if they deem you stronger, and apt for the Great Struggle.  You will cross the seas and face the slaves of the Demon.  For if we are Gods, then there must be a Devil, and only the mightiest may face this creature’s servants and live.  Tear glory from the great Enemy’s throat, and you will be a hero to all of the Pantheon.  You will sit at my right hand.

Finally, there will be those, rarely, perhaps one in a batch, whose power needs no proof.  Those whose talents are so manifestly Divine that they need only my fatherly tutelage.  Those will come to my Heavenly Kingdom, and enter immediately into my innermost service.

Let this be the last speech you listen to without a hand on your throat.  Go forth, and show the world the Divine glory that you possess.  Go forth, my rude and brawling sons and daughters.  Join my Pantheon, and magnify our majesty.

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  1. >I killed her, and took her throne.

    Zeus would fit right in over at Kill Six Billion Demons.


    Also, secret Pantheon super army confirmed, I think.

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