Materials exchanged:

The Facilities consume effectively no resources.  They are supplied by means of Copyer’s powers.  The Company Men replicate the resources that they bring with them from other Facilities, and further replicate themselves as need arises.

The Company bases do output resources, however.  Most notably in the form of the ubiquitous Protein Powder, which forms the basis of the survivor’s diets in the collapsed regions of our Union’s adversaries.

It is widely believed that this powder is made from the physical remains of subjects killed by the Process, but our research indicates that this is merely a fable.  It is replicated like all of the Company’s other supplies.

Subjective experience:

Volunteers undergoing the Process are sedated by Company Men before being brought into the operation theaters.  These brave souls remain unconscious throughout the procedure, and the majority die in this manner.  Those few who survive awaken as Ultrahumans.

Recording devices placed on volunteer’s persons have proven fruitful.  The Process appears to possess 2 stages.  In the first, a variety of injections are made to the individual’s brain, by use of an exceptionally fine needle extended through the ocular cavity.  Analysis of the recordings suggests that the chemicals in question are a variety of fairly commonplace substances, listed in Appendix A.

In the second stage of the Process, the Chens attach electrodes to the Ultras skull, and apply a series of electric shocks.  These electrodes are attached at and within the subjects ears.

Those subjects who expire do so immediately after the shocks are applied.  The remainder are given a series of tests for obvious physical Ultra powers, and then returned to a waiting room.


It is not difficult to observe all aspects of the Process’s operation.  The Company strives for secrecy, but their technology is primitive, and we have long since penetrated their countermeasures.

To this agency’s immense frustration, however, this has not led to use being able to replicate the Process.  The same chemicals, the same shocks, administered by our agents lead to nothing but death.  No Ultrahuman has ever been created outside of the aegis of the Company.

After a truly morbid amount of trial and error we have determined that we are not making a mistake in our replication of the Process.  There must be another component that we are missing, but it is not legible to any means of observation that we currently possess.

We regret to report that we consider further research into the Company’s Process to be not worth the cost in lives, and request that this project be terminated.

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