Union Tech

Boss, You asked me to figure out why the Union have different weapons depending on where we fight them.

Fourth Fist was talking about how the meeting that they went to was inside of a building that was able to fly around.  That’s why You didn’t get there when You tried to warp to them.  You DID go where You wanted, but they just weren’t there any more.

But we’d never seen anything like that when they attacked us.  You’d think that flying buildings would be super useful, considering how often I can get the drop on them by flying.  It seems like they’d use stuff like that.

And it ain’t just the flying buildings.  The daggers usually have guns that are pretty much just like the old shit we have laying around.  Like, they eat material and make it into bullets, and they never need cleaning, but they are still just mostly guns.  Oh, and only their owners can use them or they blow up.  But still, why haven’t they got better stuff than ‘point and shoot’?

I talked to some of the Pantheon prisoners in the Pit about that, and they said that the Union has all kinds of toys that we haven’t seen when they fight us.  They have self aiming guns that sit on dudes shoulders.  They have little drones that are the size of eggs that hover around and shoot one bullet just where it needs to go.  They have bombs, and poisons and stuff.  There is a reason that they are able to fight the Pantheon’s spring camp spawn without just getting rolled.

So, I think that the reason is that they are super worried that if we see their good stuff we will take it and use it against them.  Like, if we wanted to, we could just grab some of their smart guys and use Torturer on them and get them to make stuff for us.  Then the Union thinks they would be super fucked.  So I bet that they are trying to make us not think of doing that by just showing us the stuff we are used to fighting, so we don’t get excited and try anything.

They send most of the good stuff to fight the Pantheon.

If this is true, then it is kind of important.  We have been talking about what Adder calls the Army of Sunset.  The best Ultras from a decade or two of the Pantheon’s camps that are being gathered down in their main bases.  You said that when that army attacks then the Union is done for.  But what if the Union also has secret weapons?  Maybe the fight will be more even than I was guessing?

I’m not saying that You are wrong, because I know that You don’t make mistakes, but are you SURE that it would be a bad idea to go and take some cool Union tech?

A flying building would be super fun, I think.


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