…Get Stitches

Incident Report

2:00 am

KEM operatives gain access to the Lair by climbing through a section of the wall which had been damaged earlier in the day.

2:05 am

KEM operatives encounter Knights, but are not recognized as outsiders.

2:22 am

KEM operatives enter non target building, search abandoned structure from top to bottom.

3:09 am

KEM operatives capture, interrogate and execute a Knight, obtaining a detailed map of the area, along with up to date knowledge of their target’s location.

3:32 am

KEM operatives split into two sub groups, due to dissension over appropriate target.

345: am

KEM splinter group A infiltrates Adder’s living unit, killing a number of other residents.  Adder confronts and destroys them.

355: am

Security forces abandon the central area in their haste to arrive on the scene at Adder’s residence, attracted by the explosions and gunfire of that battle.

4:02 am

KEM splinter group B enters the central area (devoid of guards due to earlier distraction), proceeds to Snitcher’s living quarters and terminates him.

4:21 am

Knight forces encounter KEM splinter group B as they are exfiltrating, but mistake them for fellow guards and do not engage.

4:44 am

KEM splinter group B escapes the Lair, and exits the surveillance zone.

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    1. Hey, good to see that you are still reading!

      Can’t speak to the guess, really depends on who’s surveillance log we are reading as to whether they could have got something like that wrong.

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