Transcript : 3

P: How did this happen?

A: Someone shot him in the head
S: The Knights fucked up, useless daggers.

P: One at a time.

A: You told everyone to come running to my rescue if there was trouble.  They did.

S: I would have stopped this if I was here.

P: I don’t mean that shit.  So they shot him down.  Whatever.  I mean, why isn’t he back yet?  Snitcher was supposed to be in a Link.

A: I doubt he ever actually created such a thing.

P: The fuck you mean?

S: That fat shit didn’t have the balls to-

P: Shut up.

A: You crippled him, raped him and subjected him to torture.  Why would he use his power to prolong such an existence?

P: I used Torturer on him though.

A: Torturer guarantees that the person in question will go to any lengths to avoid returning.  Usually, that means obeying your orders.  But in any circumstances where you’d learn that he didn’t Link himself, he’d be dead.

*Breaking noise*

P: <Scream>

P: This isn’t how things are supposed to go!

*Sniffling noises*

P: This wasn’t the deal.  I get everything I want, forever, right?  Well I want Snitcher, and he fucking got away!

A: I’ll get word to the Company.  They can have you a replacement, shouldn’t take too long.

P: What’s the fucking use?  The new guy will just chicken out too.  People are so fucking useless.  I should just fucking-

A: This isn’t a big deal.  The Links are still in place.  The Fists are still here, all your friends,  I’m still here.  Just…calm down a sec, alright?  I’ll…

S: We can’t let them get away with this!

Silence, approx 10 seconds.

A: Exactly.  Let’s go kill whoever’s behind this.  That’ll cheer you up.

P: I don’t feel like it.  I’m suh, so fucking annoyed, and daggers aren’t any fun to fight.

S: Don’t be like that, Boss.  We can throw guys at other guys.  You love that.

A: We can fix this.  I’ll go talk to Answerer, get their location and how long the Company is going to take to get your new Snitcher.  I’ll make you some chocolates.

<Door closes>

S: See?  He’s going to fix everything.

P: Nuh,

S: I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-

P: I’m nuh, I’m not mad at you.  We’ll kill those daggers, do Adder’s stuff.  But that’s not where this ends.  I won’t let it be where this ends.  We’re gonna, hold on a sec.

S:I can do that.  I can hold on as long as you-

P: Whoever is listening in on this, you better turn off whatever you are using, because this next bit is private.  I’m going to ask Answerer if anyone heard this next part, and then where you are, and what your fucking families will do to get me to let them die.  It will be-


4 thoughts on “Transcript : 3

  1. So who was listening? And I wonder if Prevailer has ever risked revealing her omniscience like this before? (My guess is probably yes and that it’s not a big risk. It would take a lot of repetitions for people to figure out how she detected their listening devices.)

    Also, if the Company can create a new Snitcher, does that mean they can recreate any Ultra they’ve made?!

    1. They wouldn’t even know that she knew for sure. It’s common knowledge that Prevailer isn’t as dumb as she acts a lot of the time, and someone spying on her at most times is pretty predictable.

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