Ultra Fight

Ultra fight, in one form or another, has existed ever since the Ultras themselves became public.

It’s an obvious idea, right?  You got two people who are Ultra strong, you want to see who is stronger.  You got someone who is Ultra fast, you want to see if that trumps strength.  And so on.

Initially, back in the old world, these were entirely safe affairs.  There was the occasional accident, but overall it was as safe, for the participants, as any similar combat sport.  There was even a push to lump it in with boxing at one point, although that fell through.

After the collapse the Regime had a different take on Ultra Fights.  They became a sort of ritualized dueling mechanism.  Tallies became associated with the fights, serving as a sort of a record of a fighter’s kills.

This collapsed pretty quickly.  People don’t play by any rules when their lives are on the line, or at least people with Ultra powers rarely do.

Ultra fight experienced a soft restart a few years later, as a method for bored Ultras to entertain themselves and their subjects.  It bore something of a resemblance to pro wrestling, the fake sport of the old world.  Matches weren’t to the death, weren’t real.  The audience knew this.

Simultaneously, and confusingly, a brutal combat sport for Ultras was making its way into the Regime from the Pantheon.  Ultimate Fight was a sort of throwback to the old days, a genuine physical contest, but carried out only to unconsciousness or submission.

The contrast between the Ultra Fights, which were staged spectacles, and the Ultimate Fights, which were brutal struggles, was never fully resolved.  Both hobbies had their partisans, and the citizens of the Regime would be forced to watch whichever was presented.

Nowadays an Ultra Fight may refer to either a staged fight performance or an actual non lethal fight between Ultras.  In addition, the lines between the two have been known to blur, with visiting Ultras throwing ‘serious’ matches with a town’s Boss in order to avoid giving the daggers any ideas.

Still, one thing is certain.  When you attend an Ultra Fight you will witness a gripping spectacle, a battle between demigods.  It will be an experience that you never forget.

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