Quotes II

Haunter: The Colonel gave his life in the war against tyranny.  I caught his soul, and preserved him in my reserve.  He kept me going for decades, orchestrated my long mission to gather the victims of the Regime’s cruelty.  His teaching shaped my thoughts, and his example provided the foundation for my character.  He sacrificed his second life to buy our escape from treachery’s clutches.  I hope, as I adapt to a life without him, that I can be half the patriot that he proved to be.

Indulger: We burned down Redo.  Now we are building it back up.  It feels a little silly.  Like, ‘Why did we burn it in the first place’, ya know?  But the thing of it is that we did both things for the same reason.  We thought it was the right thing to do.  I wonder if that’s also what the people who fought against us thought?  Does the fact that we are so strong mean that we are more likely to be right than them?  If that’s true, does that make Her the rightest one of all?

Preventer: Andy’s revelations haven’t changed my game plan.  I still intend that Prevailer shall fall, that I will be safe at last in a world that doesn’t contain anyone who can harm me.  But these discoveries have extended my design.  I can see, at last, beyond Her fall.  When She is out of the picture someone will need to take over the Company, someone will need to tell Copyer how to adjust the Process.  Someone who is tough enough to survive the Process tuned all the way up.

Nirav: …

Condemner: I didn’t want to throw in with Preventer.  The woman is a snake.  Even the idea of trusting her is laughable.  But when fuel is low you spread to anything that’ll take you.  Preventer believes that directing me is the same as controlling me.  The arrogance of the woman.  She believes me cowed by her threats, beaten by the Link.  She believes it so thoroughly that she’s trusted me with delivering Andy to the Pantheon, and no doubt intends my death once I am no longer useful.  Such arrogance.  As though I’ll miss the opportunity to turn Andy’s gift to my own ends.

Fisher: Something is wrong with Nirav.  He acts the same, but the soul of him is foreign to me.  Has Andy meddled with my partner?  Has Krishna?  Whoever it is, they’ve made a dreadful mistake.


Adder: Of all the possible idiocies, the death of Mr. Lawrence, of Snitcher, is among the worst I’ve ever seen.  Long have I labored to lull Her into a stupor, feeding Her videogames and voyeurism, violence and dominance.  Her kills per year were trending down.  It had been months since She went abroad.  Undone in a flash, by puerile children.  Now She will rage, and stalk, and slay.  In killing Snitcher, they may have killed us all.

Subtracter:  I’m super stoked that Snitcher’s dead.  That fat shit always got on my nerves, plus now when I’m alone I can do whatever I want without anybody spying.  I don’t even care that he was Linker or whatever.  Only pussies need Links.  I’ve done just fine on my lonesome.

Answerer:  This should be the last weekend where the Haunter anomaly plagues me.  It’ll be nice to get back to my routine.  Even Snitcher’s death works to my advantage here, freeing me from the need to arrange a new Fourth Fist.  His replacement will be both weaker and far more pliant.

Snitcher: …

Torturer:  Peggy dropped people in.  Five people, random humans.  Didn’t dangle em, just dropped em.  She’s never done that before.  She must be mad as fuck.  Or rather, sad as fuck.  People who don’t know her from before think that its anger you have to watch out for, but Peggy is most dangerous when she’s sad.  I can’t even imagine what she’s gonna do, or what drove her to this.  She’s going to kill everybody. If I’m lucky, that will include me.

2 thoughts on “Quotes II

  1. Indulger’s quote seems…oddly out of character. Specifically the last two sentences. Seems to fairly strongly go against the idea of him as innocent – even having the character entertain the “might makes right” idea sounds wrong.

    1. He’s definitely losing some innocence, but that quote isn’t really meant to reflect that. It should be read in a sad/angry tone of voice. He’s mocking the idea that he should be confident that they are more right than their adversaries because they are stronger by pointing out that if that’s the yardstick he is using then Prevailer, of all people, would be the most right.

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