Andy’s Comparisons

Having examined Fourth Fist at close range, it is instructive to compare it to my records of the other Fists.  Doing so may expose changes in Peggy’s methodology, as well as allow me to predict this unit’s outcomes with greater accuracy.

1: Power

The first axis to examine them on is the obvious.  How strong are they, relative to the others?

Bearing in mind that I haven’t yet been able to examine Fisher, the answer still seems relatively undramatic.  They are third in power, behind Third Fist and First Fist.  This outcome would indicate that She is not attempting to maximize Her force’s might.

2: Loyalty

The Regime forces all share an obvious disdain for the cause that they purport to uphold, but it can nonetheless be instructive to consider how newly mustered units measure up.

The Fourth Fist are seditious to the point of open rebellion.  I’m uncertain whether that makes them more or less reliable when compared to the negotiated surrender of Sixth Fist, but it certainly indicates that the criteria used to select Fists has very little to do with a concern about treachery.

3: Unity

Fists tend to have either one dominant personality who controls the others, or a pair of feuding leader figures.

Fourth Fist has the latter setup, with Preventer and Haunter as the most obviously influential members of the unit.  This schism places them fifth in terms of unity, ahead of only Third Fist.  There is no Predictor, no Remover here to dominate the group and imprint their will upon it.


Taken as a whole, Fourth Fist could be considered simply a replacement.  The most noteworthy aspect of their selection is the utter disregard for any kind of loyalty to the Regime.

I am tempted to draw the conclusion that Her Fists are formed mostly at random, drawn from a pool of Ultras with powers potent enough to qualify.  I don’t think that’s the case, however.  Chronologically, the last two Fists to be formed are Sixth and then Fourth.  If we consider Sixth as a test case, as Her experimenting with disloyal Ultras, then Her indifference to Fourth Fist’s sympathies is explained.  Sixth Fist hasn’t rebelled yet, despite their sworn antipathy.  It seems likely that She believes that Fourth Fist will follow the same path, talking tough and staying in line.

If so, I believe that She has made a crucial mistake, one that may well prove fatal.

2 thoughts on “Andy’s Comparisons

  1. “I am tempted to draw the conclusion that Her Fists are formed mostly at random, drawn from a pool of Ultras with powers potent enough to quality”
    Should be qualify, I think

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