Union Command Structure

In stark contrast to the primitive command charts of the Pantheon and Regime, the Union operates in a more regimented style.  They eschew the strongman setup entirely.  Rather, responsibility is delegated in accordance with the training necessary to uphold it.  This leads, in theory, to the most capable individual calling each shot, without regard for the degree of Ultra power that they might have.

In practice, the actual leadership in any given operating theater tends to devolve down to a trio.  There will typically be a civilian leader, a military commander, and an Ultrahuman specialist.

The civilian is a government official, nominally in charge of the area of operation as a whole.  Titles vary, but the general pattern is Minister of something or other.  These ministers have veto power over any operation which would negatively impact the Union as a whole, and are accountable to the politicians who appoint them.

Their responsibility doesn’t end at go / no-go choices.  They are also permitted to fine tune the impact of a given operation, by extending the permissions necessary to allow the commanders to deploy the Union’s advanced technology.  The ministers permit or deny the use of tech that the other nations have not yet seen or prepared for, parceling out the Union’s material advantage an engagement at a time.

The military leader, the commander, of a given operation is the officer in charge of overall command.  They plan the missions and command their execution.  They have a much more fine tuned control than the ministers, and through the Union’s superlative communication gear they maintain a surveillance and command capability that no adversary can match.

These commanders function as the directors of a mission, making moment by moment decisions for the troops on the ground.  They have absolute authority once the operation has commenced, and bear ultimate responsibility for the success or failure of engagements within their theaters.

The Ultrahuman personnel are, in theory, also under the military’s chain of command.  Their ranking officer bears no particular title to denote her increased authority, but in an unofficial capacity generally forms the third leg of the command trinity.

They function as advisers to the ministers and commanders, giving them an Ultrahuman’s perspective on matters, and ensuring that the Union avoids any errors that might result from their lack of Ultra leadership.

This modern and reasonable command structure has allowed our Union to avoid the truly egregious mistakes that the strongman setup has inflicted upon our adversaries, and is an important reason for the ongoing and successful prosecution of the wars which our government is forced to wage in order to keep us safe.

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  1. The ministers permit or deny the use of tech that the other nation’s have not yet seen or prepared for -> nations
    These commander function -> these commanders function

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