Troubling report

Intelligence has recently come in on Prevailer’s response to KEM’s termination of her subordinate Snitcher.  It is decidedly ominous.

She visited Answerer and posed questions regarding:

1: How to acquire and operate nuclear weapons

2: How to acquire and operate biological weapons

3: Whether there were any decent men left

4: Who KEM thought they were, anyway

5: Who to kill to bring down KEM

6: Where the people just named were located

7: What it all meant, anyway (Answerer unable to respond, very rare)

During this questioning session she apparently consumed a large quantity of an alcoholic beverage fashioned for her by the Company Men.  Our recording equipment noted that the questions and responses were broken up by bursts of weeping and destruction of property.

Strangely, no cries or shrieks were reported from Answerer suggesting that Prevailer is not mistreating this slave in the manner that she habitually abused the departed asset in.

Between our members the Monitoring Team has several decades of familiarity with the output of this stream.  We have seen many versions of Prevailer.  I tell you this to lend weight to the next statement.

This is new.  She has never been hurt like this before.

We fear what comes next.

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