Incident Report : 2

I’m having some serious deja vu here, but once again I’m writing to you from a vehicle fleeing Redo, with Prevailer in my rear view mirrors.

The mind boggles.

The situation unfolded like this:

1: Condemner made contact with us using smoke signals, an old Valkyrie code.  He informed us that he’d discovered an Ultra with a meta gift, one that can strengthen the gift of others.  He informed us that he was interested in letting us acquire said Ultra, one ‘Andy’.

2: I’m reasonably certain that Condemner is a cat’s paw in this situation, but I couldn’t tell whether it was Preventer or Haunter pulling his strings.

3: I believe that this is the same ‘Andy’ whose services we lost a few years back.  It seems like reacquiring him would be extremely useful.

At this point I made a judgement call, and set in motion a plan to get agents into Redo.  I asked for a parley with the Fist, and arranged a spectacle to divert attention.  This got them out of town while my agents went after Andy.

During the event I engaged with Preventer and Haunter, but was unable to determine which of them was our silent partner.  Most likely Haunter, as her disgust for Prevailer nearly boiled over openly later on in the evening.

Just a little while ago Prevailer, in fact, showed up.  Fortunately the reports of Snitcher’s demise appear to be accurate, and my gift allowed me to take advantage of the fact that she had no idea who we were.  I was able to escape when she became distracted.

A few interesting side notes about Prevailer’s appearance.

1: She injured Preventer, which verifies that Preventer’s invincibility is in fact out matched by Prevailer’s power.

2: She seemed enamored of Indulger, to the exclusion of most other concerns.  If I’m any judge of such things, she will likely be predictable in this regard for a few months, at least.

I’ll send along another report later on if my agents return with Andy.  I sent Spring, Maewyn, and a new girl I just picked up recently, who I’m calling Hera.  3 Ultras should be enough, considering that most of the Fist was in no position to interfere.

For now, I’m mostly just elated to have escaped from Prevailer’s immediate proximity.  A very fortunate day, and a lot of interesting possibilities.

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