In Which Our Heroine Encounters A Setback

Dear Diary, still not real, yada yada.

Ok, so before I took over, before Adult Supervision was a thing, there was chaos, right?  You assholes ran around fucking one another willy nilly and there was no whole POINT to the fucking thing.  Nations went to war or didn’t dependent on asinine shit that no one could actually track and everything basically sucked.

I’ve fixed all that.  I put one person in ‘power’, and I move her around like a piece on a board and everything works out.  There are just 3 countries (and you have NO IDEA how hard Circe works to keep the Pantheon from splitting) and just one big war.  I arrange everything to be optimally safe as far as our collective future is concerned.  All is well.

What I’m getting at, here, is that I’m the fucking patron saint of Karmic whatever it’s called.  I do a lot of good, is what I’m saying.  And I don’t get why my reward for that is all of a sudden this rampant full contact buggery.

So, as you can imagine, shit is all kinds of fucked up.

More fully, my plan is off the rails at step A, and I had it mapped out all the way down to step R.  (Step R, in case you are wondering, was me smoking the last pack of Lucky Strikes that exist.)  I’ve been looking forward (pun intended) to that for some time, and successfully getting rid of Fourth Fist felt like as good a moment as any.

So, yeah, there have been some unforeseen developments.

The plan this time was simple.  I activate Prevailer to go and hit up Indulger for a booty call.  He says ‘No Thanks’, and she rapes him to death, then kills the rest of them in the kind of orgy of violence that I keep her around for.

What actually happened?  She rolled up, he said ‘Gosh I’d love to fuck a woman I hate with every fiber of my being.  That makes no sense.  Why don’t I do that?! Hurp Durp!’, and they are presently filling my gift with some serious low quality pornography.  Since this is a critical juncture I can’t very well look away, and so I’m being forced to witness, in real time, people literally screwing up the fucking program.

Sorry about my language, nonexistent correspondent.  I’m not incredibly fond of the present situation.  I’ll try to be more chipper.

Bright side, to the degree that there is a bright side of this debacle, is that this gets me out of a beating I was planning to take later on tonight.  I won’t lose that tooth, or get that fractured rib I’d been dreading.  So yay!  (That was the world’s smallest ‘yay’.)

The actual bright side is that I’ve narrowed down the problem with using my gift on Fourth Fist to Haunter and Condemner.  One or both of those two have something going on that occasionally prompts them to act in ways other than their own souls would dictate.  When this happens, they fuck up my visions.

I’m going to put these assholes on a boat with a nuke.


5 thoughts on “In Which Our Heroine Encounters A Setback

  1. “act in ways other than their own souls would dictate”
    Bets on Haunter? Since she is the one carrying multiple souls and occasionally allows them to override her own motivations.

    1. I mean, Condemner also has an an extra soul in there, so it could just be both of them.

  2. Huh, funnily enough, I actually thought it would be Fisher doing the screw ups, with her ability to influence people’s priorities. But now I remember she wasn’t able to influence other Ultras. Condemner and Haunter didn’t even occur to me, but yeah, duh, that makes the most sense.

  3. > What actually happened? She rolled up, he said ‘Gosh I’d love to fuck a woman I hate with every fiber of my being. That makes no sense.

    I mean… This is totally logical and expected. People choose being raped over being killed all the time. Why is she so surprised? She can be surprised because her gift failed her, but she can’t act as if this course of action is utterly unpredictable.

    1. I guess if not for certain things that happened only due to Haunter/Condemner since Answerer last asked about this stuff, Indulger would have declined despite it meaning death. Maybe.

      One possibility is that Indulger only agreed to having sex with Her because he felt responsible for the wrestling event and all its participants. And said event only happened because Preventer had access to Condemner who, in turn, reacted nothing like Answerer predicted.

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