Betty’s Hook

It’s hard to describe just how Betty’s other self looks and operates, but we’ve been together long enough now that I feel like I can make a credible effort.

The first thing you got to understand is that this isn’t a separate creature that she conjures up.  It is just as much real, just as much her, as her human form is.  She sees out from both of their eyes at the same time, if you take my meaning.

So, the beast.  Or, the Hook, as she likes to call it.

The Hook is made out of a sort of dense black flesh.  It doesn’t weight nearly as much as you’d think it would.  It’s lighter than the stuff people are made out of, but the Ultra Toughness keeps things from cutting too deep into it.  It isn’t very sensitive to touch, I have to rub it really hard for her to be able to feel any of it.  The texture is very rubbery, and leaves a kind of chalky residue.

It’s about ten feet tall, but hunches over so much that that’s rarely visible.  It has 5 arms, three on the right and two on the left.  Three of these arms are basically swords on the end of limbs, just talons for fighting with.  The others, the lowest ones on each side, have fingers and thumbs for more complicated manipulation.

These arms are LONG, like ape long.  They reach down and brush its shins if she lets them hang idle.  She can claw people from way further than they can hit back.

In addition to the arms that come out of the shoulders, it also has a number of smaller grabby tendrils that come out from its collar and chest area.  These are about as thick around as a baby’s arms, and basically work like an octopuses tentacles.  They don’t have joints, they just turn at any point like snakes.

The Hook has a mouth, but it doesn’t actually go anywhere.  It is just a thing for biting.  There’s a sort of pouch in there where she can put stuff, but no actual stomach for things to go to.  There’s a few ridges of spikes on its face, those are some of the few spaces where it has a good sense of touch.

The two big eyes are about where you’d expect them.  They are compound eyes like bugs have.  Betty can make them give off a faint red light if she is trying to be scary.  These aren’t its only eyes though.

All over its body, in recess and such, there are a bunch more other eyes.  Simple things, that see mostly in shades of grey, but they let her extend her awareness to basically all directions around the Hook.

Its legs bend backwards, like some animals.  It is kind of gross, actually.  Very fast though, it springs around like a huge grasshopper or something.

Ultimately, it basically looks like a monster.  People who don’t know Betty probably think that it is just a beast.  I always feel sorry for people who can’t see into the hearts of those around them.

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