Asset Recovery Outcome


Agent Daria, (ref: The Dragon) has been recovered intact from the crashed remains of Commander Martinez’s Deliverer.

I use the phrase ‘intact’ rather than ‘alive’, because it seems most appropriate.  In order to endure the disastrous fire which wracked the vehicle in it’s final moments (ref: Condemner, ref: most recent Regime truce violation) she must have used her gift on herself.  She was frozen into a state of complete immobility, and thus was unable to be damaged in the destruction.

We have returned her to a nearby Facility, and are monitoring her state closely.  My hunch is that she set her gift’s manifestation on a time limit, and that it will, some day soon, return her to an animate state.

Controlling her information, when she returns to wakeful service, will be vital if we wish to retain the services of this vital asset.  Psych eval yields a 44% chance that she will set out on a suicide mission against the Regime assets (ref 4th Fist) who took the lives of her unit in their treacherous ambush.

I think we both understand that this would be a tragic waste.  I’m given to understand that Agent Daria was once the key member of your personal protection detail.  I’ll send her to you as soon as, and obviously if, she returns to her animate state.  I’m sure you’ll know what to tell her.



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