The belligerents of wars in days gone by distinguished themselves from their adversaries by means of colorful uniforms.  No such formality has survived into the new world.

Regime: [Red]

Ultras of the Regime garb themselves in whatever scraps of old world clothes they can scavenge or commandeer.  They have a propensity for sporting gear or old American military apparel, presumably due to their ruggedness.  Those operating under Refiner’s command often have their gear blessed by his gift, and are thus wearing undetectable armor.

The only unifying characteristic of Regime Ultras is their Sigil, which is an object worn on the face or head.  Masks and hats are forbidden to the human population of the Regime, and serve to pick out the Ultras at a glance.

Human forces of the Regime have no uniform at all, and typically little in the way of weaponry.  They will generally bear duplicated firearms from old American military sources, as well as whatever armor they can scrounge up.

A notable exception to this is the Knights, who wear full length robes, blessed by Refiner’s gift.  They are armed with Refined bladed weapons as well, and are therefore capable of killing Ultra Tough foes.  These forces are still treated as expendable by the Regime’s Ultrahuman assets, and are generally used to draw enemy Ultrahumans into an engagement.

Pantheon: [Gold]

Pantheon Ultras fresh from the camps have little in the way of equipment.  They wear homespun clothing, rags or nothing at all.

Those who have survived their initial engagements will typically bear scavenged Union gear, generally defaced or marked in some manner to indicate their allegiance.

Veteran Ultras, those who have gained their divine names, will generally be garbed in some manner that calls to mind the deity that they are named after.  They will usually make an effort to incorporate useful kit into these costumes.  Their outfits are handcrafted, and share very little with one another.  Their general purpose is to call attention to their wearer, on and off the battlefield.

The Pantheon deploys very few humans forces, so human adherents to a Pantheon strike force are typically poorly armed and trained, and are often supply staff forced into battle by their masters.

Union: [Blue]

Human and Ultras of the Union are garbed alike, in advanced materials optimized for camouflage and durability.  Our defenders are equipped with the best weapons and protection that science can provide.

Teams tasked with specialized missions may receive additional, personalized equipment as the need arises.

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