Character Description: Preventer

Preventer is a young woman, slightly built and very short.  Her hair is cut fairly short, around the ears or so.  It never grows.  She typically wears boyish clothing, and covers her already pale skin with a cosmetic that basically resembles paste.  Preventer occasionally carries a gun, but keeps the firing pin in her pocket.

Preventer’s most distinguishing feature is the snow-like pallor that her paste gives her, but if she removes it she reveals an even more distinct characteristic.  Sparkles, or motes of light, whirl and dance under her skin.  When she manifests her barriers a hypothetical observer would see a spark making its way to whatever part of her body she was expelling the barrier from.

These barriers look like a lot like faintly luminescent glass, and are typically very thin, with sharp edges.  They fly about as fast as a thrown baseball, more like one of the fielders tossing to another than a pitch.  A person can step out of their way if they are paying attention.

Preventer’s mannerisms are generally calculated to make up for her lack of stature.  She hates being discounted or ignored, and tries to insert herself into whatever is going on.  Preventer doesn’t necessarily have to be the center of the conversation, but she is most comfortable when she has had a hand in arranging whatever is.

In conversation Preventer speaks carefully and calmly.  She is accustomed to being the smartest person in the room, and it is fairly important to her that everyone else realize and appreciate this.  Her hands tremble when she is afraid, which is fairly often.

Presently, Preventer’s mouth is missing a section of its upper and lower lip, right in the middle.  She has also lost her two front teeth.  The edges of these injuries have mostly healed up, but the missing portion of her form doesn’t seem to be returning.  It is a fairly gruesome sight.

Almost no one likes Preventer.

2 thoughts on “Character Description: Preventer

  1. I always kinda wondered how fast Preventer’s barriers went. Also the line at the end “Almost no one likes Preventer” cracked me up for some reason. Why does she carry a gun without the pin though… I keep wondering about that. Good job with the character descriptions and the story! It keeps pulling me back to check on it, even at 4 in the morning.

  2. Hey, I like Preventer.

    I like her in right her face-hole.

    Maybe the gun is just a decoy tactic or a way to threaten others without giving herself away? Her reputation probably precedes her wherever she goes, but surely there are plenty of Daggers and even Ultras out there who don’t really know who’s who or know the full scope of everyone’s abilities. People who know of Preventer certainly know of her invincibility, but how often does she actually use her shields? Could be she thinks she’s clever, whipping out a gun to threaten people so they think she doesn’t have an offensive power, only for her to shield-blade them in the face when they don’t expect it.

    Of course, she’s never done that before, and I don’t even recall her having been mentioned as carrying a gun (I probably forgot). Maybe it’s a sentimental value thing. Guess we’ll find out eventually! Or not. Chekov’s Pistol?

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