Character Description: Condemner

Nirav is a young man, tall and dark.  He has short, straight dark hair, cut severely around the sides and kind of piled up tall on the top.  His clothing is part of his form, and is generally jeans or something similar.  Nirav doesn’t have any wear or tear on his clothing or flesh, as it is recreated from time to time.

There isn’t really anything distinctive about Nirav.  Aside from his Sigil (typically a golf visor or something similar) you wouldn’t even necessarily know that he’s an Ultra.  When Condemner is manifesting control or influence over him a portion of his form, typically his eyes, becomes flame.

Condemner’s flames, by contrast, are obviously Ultra in origin.  They only behave like normal fire when he isn’t manipulating them.  Otherwise they form daemonic forms, race across flammable surfaces in search of fuel and otherwise betray their unnatural nature.

Nirav is friendly and generally affects an easy demeanor.  He is a bit naive, a bit innocent, and is easily impressed.  Nirav’s overall attitude is that of an awe struck tourist.

Condemner, by contrast, acts like essentially id personified.  It revels in destruction, glories in the abomination that it wreaks upon the world that fuels it.  Any words it speaks have only proven to be levers that it uses to arrange the world in a more flammable configuration.


Nirav isn’t the sort of man who anyone has a strong impression of.  Condemner is feared by all who know of it.

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  1. “inflammable surfaces”

    Probably better to use either flammable or non-flammable. Inflammable is ambiguous since it can mean either.

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