Character Description: Fisher

Fisher’s Lure is a stunningly gorgeous woman, with fair skin and dark hair.  She looks like the post-makeover heroine of a romance movie.  In the midst of a crowd of the post-apoc denizens of the Regime, she absolutely draws the eye.

Fisher’s outfit is typically something impractically tight, often strategically ripped.  The Lure’s ability to dip into and out of her shadow form leaves her free from the more mundane considerations that other people suffer from.  She carries a pistol, and knows how to use it.  She hasn’t put much thought into generating other devices with her Lure.

The only obvious Ultrahuman trait about Fisher, aside from the rank impossibility of an actual person maintaining the Lure’s appearance, is that her shadow doesn’t obey the normal rules of light.  If she has both of her bodies out it stretches between the two.  If she only has one of them out then it moves as she wills.  It is actually very hard for her to mimic a real shadow with it.

Fisher’s attitude is generally calibrated to get what she wants out of an interaction.  She is frequently either seductive or threatening, depending on what seems most likely to do the job.  Her relationships with her teammates are probably the first real ones she’s ever had.

Fisher is mostly amoral, generally concerned with maximizing her chances at getting through the next day.  Her concession to her burgeoning feelings for Nirav is to add him to the concept of ‘self’ that she protects, but so far it doesn’t seem as though this empathy will generalize.


People who know Fisher well generally don’t have strong feelings about her.  She makes a heck of a first impression though.

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  1. People who know well Fisher generally don’t have strong feelings about her. -> People who know Fisher well

  2. A few edit suggestions:

    “The Lure’s ability to dip into and out of her shadow form leaves it free…” : you used “she/her” for the rest of this piece, so that should be “leaves her free…” for consistency.

    “If she has bother of her bodies out” : should be “If she has either of her bodies out”.

    “He relationships with her teammates” : should be “Her relationships with her teammates”.

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